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82C55, 82C55 Datasheet, 82C55 CMOS Programmable Peripheral Interface, buy 82C Renesas Electronics 82C55 Interface – I/O Expanders are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Renesas Electronics. 82C55 Info. Early day peripheral chips are now used to control the I/O functions that are now inside the microcontroller. Now they support the microcontroller.

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The interrupt enable signal is neither 82c555 input nor an output; it is an internal bit programmed via the PC4 port A or PC2 port B bits. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Port A can be used for bidirectional handshake data transfer.

82C55 CMOS Programmable Peripheral Interface

Both inputs and outputs are latched. Acknowledgement and handshaking signals are provided to maintain proper data flow and synchronisation between the data transmitter and receiver. In previous example, both ports A and B are programmed as mode 0 simple latched output ports. It is an active-low signal, i.

So, without latching, the outputs would become invalid as soon as the write cycle finishes. Mode 2 Bi-directional Operation.

When we wish to use port A or port B for handshake strobed input or output operation, we 82c55 that port in mode 1 port A and port B can be initilalised to operate in different modes, i. This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat The values for the resistors and the type of transistors used are determined using the current requirements see text for details.


External data is stored in the ports until the microprocessor is ready. Mode 1 Strobed Input Example. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For example, if port B and upper port C have to be initialized as input ports and lower port C and port A as output ports all in mode Interrupt request is an output that requests an interrupt. In previous example, both ports A and B are programmed as mode 0 simple latched output ports. Different values are displayed in each digit via fast time multiplexing.

This is required because the data only stays on the bus for one cycle. Keyboard encoder debounces the key-switches, and provides a strobe whenever a key is depressed. If an input changes while the port is being read then the result may be indeterminate.

Intel 8255

Interrupt request is an output that requests an interrupts. One 8-bit, bi-directional bus port Port A and a 5-bit control port Port C. Textbook has the assembly code fragment demonstrating its use. Examples of connecting LCD displays and stepper motors are also given. Views Read Edit View history.

Microprocessor And Its Applications. Since the two halves of port C are independent, they may be used such that one-half is initialized as an input port while the other half is initialized as an output port. Requires insertion of wait states if used with a microprocessor using higher that an 8 MHz clock.


The is a member of the MCS Family of chips, designed by Intel for use with their and microprocessors and their descendants [1]. Port A provides the segment data inputs to display and port B provides a means of selecting one display position at a time. The two halves of port C can be either used together as an additional 8-bit port, or they can be used as individual 4-bit ports.

For port B in this mode irrespective of whether is acting as an input port or 8c255 portPC0, PC1 and PC2 pins function as handshake lines. We think you have liked this presentation. Input buffer full is an output indicating that the input latch contains information for the external bi- directional bus. Interrupt enable are internal bits that enable the INTR pin. Each line of port C PC 7 – PC 0 can be set or reset by writing a suitable value to the control word register.

Mode 0, Scan Key.