27 Apr Indian Banks 9th Bipartite Settlement Under the Settlement all the remaining 2, 60, employees and officers who are now covered by CPF. 6 Apr SCALE I, II &III. OLD BASIC, NEW BASIC, DA, HRA, MAJOR, AREA I, AREA II. , , , , , , , ALL INDIA BANK EMPLOYEES’ ASSOCIATION. Salient features of the 9th Bipartite Settlement Pay Scales (Merger at Points) From Clerks .

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It means this BPS is only for pension option for our leaders.

Wage Revision: 9th Bipartite Settlement

This is because of their fir of the following fact In last three settlement i. Hence others, whoever it may be are third parties and have no authority to object or comment except those staff members of our bank. The court case in AP high court is against the sharing of pension burden by employees, it is not between PF and pension optees.

Will be revised based on new basic pay. It is over and nothing can be done now.

We can also go to court but We do not want delayed for seniors and retired bankers. Upto monthly income of Rs. Hefty pay hike for bank staff Bank 9th Bipartite is all set to be signed today [ That year I stood second in the exam, but due to distribution system of BSRBs, prevailed at that time many of top rankers pushed to nationalised banks.

Wage Revision: 9th Bipartite Settlement

I think leaders feel no need to inform members,because We are not members. Now that second option was expedient, the IBA wanted to revisit the cost factor and get the funds strengthened.

Actually We are all victim of UFBU agents they spreads wrong matters here and want to hide leaders failures to get good wage settlement. Please read and think the following paragraph. It appears that there is no point in discussing the matter here above wage revision since the things are not moving in the right direction of settling the issues.


But biparrite should not unnecessarily loose money by paying to advocates. More over asking another opportunity to opt for pension through court of law and a prayer against the forceful deduction from pension optees at the court of law are quite different to each other, though both related to some way to one subject pension.

Tuesday, April 27, 9th bipartite signed on 27th April But when Banks have written lakhs and lakhs of Rupees as bad loans demanding is our right. No meeting appears to be taking place today.

But what is expected of PF optees is at the least, to acknowledge graciously the spirit of sacrifice of Pension Optees for the cause of PF optees, sethlement of seeking retribution on the debunked theory of earlier perceived sacrifice.

Indian Banks 9th Bipartite Settlement

Details of discussions held between IBA and Office But as I have already placed in this blog, we had a team of militant union members who were participating in each and every strike and loosing our officegs, whether the calls by unions were right or wrong. It officrrs not failure of unions and associations because Leaders leads union than its failure of leadership. Referring to Ravi-April 18, 5: Pension Option with Lets hope for a good BPS settlement as at that time IBA dont have any option to blackmail unions like now 2nd option for pension.

Unless you come with these it is not possible to accept your view on comparison. That is why I am not bothered biparyite any comments in this blog. One senior person told me through that are you think from only amount of union subscription union can run?


Lump sum November, to April, Upto 3 hours per week: More over one legal point is, retired pensioners are spared in this deal though they bano very much the part and parcel of last BPSs. Dear Friends, Here is a scoop that all the nine union leaders are right bipartiite with the Finance Minister, seeking his interference in the matter of effective date of pension payment, stressing for it to be from A court case filed against my family by our land lord for vacation of tenanted house took 18 years for giving verdict though the same came in our favour.

PAY COMMISSION: Bank 9th Bipartite : Final position for Officers’ Pay Hike.

When every hope finished for good. Will be payable on revised Basic Pay from 1. Namboodiri has daring for indefinite strike for their members.

It is IBA’s insistance that pension cost to be shared by every employee including pension optees.

Hill and Fuel Allowance: Within the maternity leave entitlement, women employees can avail 45 days special leave for undergoing hysterectomy operation. Wage settlement – Officers – Developments – Leaders put our Existence in danger. This applies to each employee of each bank.

For subordinate staff Once in 2 years – km Once in 4 years – km For clerks Once in 2 years – km Once in 4 years – km. The Settlement would cost the Banks an additional increase in wages by Rs. It seems all the 9 unions were with a formula how to dealwith the second option for pension.

You all are shameless.