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ASTM D – 11, “Standard Test Methods for Field Measurement of Surface locations and the arithmetic mean determined, Method C—A composite plastic. Designation: D – 03Standard Test Methods for Field Measurement of 3 Method C—A composite plastic tape is impressed into Method C—A These test methods are under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D01 on The sole. ASTM D – 11 Standard Test Methods for Field Measurement of Surface Profile 1 of 8 standard.3 Method C—A special tape3 containing a compressible 6.

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The entire standard is being revised, and will include among other changes more specific operating procedures for the various types of test equipment.

Pull-Off Adhesion of Coatings The adhesion of a astm d4417 method c coating is a critical attribute that is related aastm performance.

With the base of the micrometer resting on the peaks of the surface profile, and the conical pin protruding to a valley of the profile, the distance is read from the gage display in mils or micrometers. The data to support these statements will be generated via an interlaboratory study, which is planned for Link to Active This link d441 always route to the current Active version asgm the standard.

As a result, there are differences in testing procedures that should astm d4417 method c considered when evaluating coatings applied to concrete, versus coatings applied to steel.

Replica tape for measuring surface roughness in excess of 4. Elimination of the automated washability tester method of graffiti removal. The study was conducted in and is close to completion.

An interlaboratory research initiative for the purpose of generating precision and bias statements for Dis planned for Further, when data are generated using different types of pull-off testers, it is difficult to compare the tensile adhesion characteristics within a astm d4417 method c generic astm d4417 method c category, or to asym the adhesion quality of different coating systems.

While concrete has an impressive compressive strength often in excess of 28 Mpa psithe inherent tensile strength is only about 2.

Some of the major ones include: The four standards are: How is Surface Profile Depth Quantified? Conceptually, the study will include two types of concrete normal and high strengthtwo coatings thick film with scoring and thin-film without scoringfive types of adhesion testers and up to seven laboratories. Coating manufacturers may also consider these requirements to improve the performance and the service astm d4417 method c of the coatings they supply.


See Figures 13astm d4417 method c It is envisioned that the draft will be published in as a test method, but without precision and bias statements. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.

Surface profile is defined as astm d4417 method c measurement of the maximum peak-to-valley depth created by abrasive impingement against a surface during abrasive blast cleaning operations, or by an impact-type power tool. Method B astm d4417 method c micrometer incorporates a special spring-tension micrometer with a 1-inch 2. Ina plan was developed to conduct a comprehensive interlaboratory study methood six coatings, six laboratories and five types of adhesion testing equipment.

Paint grade replica tape is used to measure asm containing a profile from 1.

Industrial Protective Coatings

Standards for Measurement of Surface Profile There are currently four primary standards for measurement of surface profile in steel surfaces. For example, a loading fixture inadvertently attached over a large piece of aggregate in the concrete will reduce the stress applied to the cement paste the weaker constituent in concrete and generate a highly variable pull-off strength tensile value that exceeds the inherent tensile strength of the concrete.

Conversely, concrete is astm d4417 method c heterogeneous substrate. It is the responsibility of whoever uses this standard to consult and establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. There are additional techniques suitable for laboratory use not covered astm d4417 method c these test methods.

This method can be used to measure the surface profile depth that is created by abrasive blast cleaning or impact-type power tools.

Size of the Loading Fixture Contact Surface When a loading fixture with a small contact area is used, the pull-off strength achieved may be significantly influenced by the composition of the surface cc the concrete directly beneath the loading fixture.

When a project specification simply invokes ASTM D and not a specific method, the results of the surface profile measurements may differ when two different methods are used on the same project, even on the same surface and within the same area i. According to ASTM D, a minimum of 2 readings is obtained per area; the average of the two readings is reported.


The most current version of D allows for the use astm d4417 method c any of five instruments for evaluating pull-off strength, two of which are fixed astm d4417 method c and three are self-aligning.

Early detection and removal of appreciable amounts of surface chloride contamination prior to coating astm d4417 method c can prolong the service life of a coating, reducing the frequency of maintenance painting and reducing life cycle costs. As illustrated by this article, the dedicated leadership, committee member and interlaboratory study participation, and the knowledge and experience of those working in the task groups allows Subcommittee D Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard Translated Version s: Without reliable methods for extracting a sample from the surface and analysis of the collected sample, the degree and type astm d4417 method c surface cleaning metohd prior to coating installation can be uncertain.

Differences in Surface Profile Measurements: ASTM D4417- Method B vs. Method C

Leave a Metohd Astm d4417 method c reply Your email address will not be published. Through the efforts of Subcommittee D Profile depth designations are based astm d4417 method c the concept of mean maximum profile h max ; kethod value is determined by averaging a given number usually 20 of the highest peak to lowest valley measurements made in the field of view of a standard measuring microscope.

Assessing the presence of surface chloride and quantifying the concentration is paramount to this process. While there is current activity on all 13 standards, this article focuses on five major tasks being undertaken by the subcommittee at this time. The practice identified four commonly used graffiti marking materials, five cleaners, and up to two removal methods hand or automated.