Automobily. Motory (Cars. Motors). Brno: Avid sro, pp. Automobily. ISBN info. KŠICA, Vratislav. Automobily. Podvozky (Cars. Československé nákladní automobily-CS Trucks. · May 12 ·. Zvládnou to i bez Tatrováckého podvozku Kamaz chystá nový extrémní speciál: Bude to obytňák . Nástřik podvozku, ochrana dutin a karoserie automobilu. 7 likes. Automotive, Aircraft & Boat.

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Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of “podvozky” Copy.

Tatra – Sklápěcí automobily Tatra T Phoenix | Automobil Revue

Aims of the course: Knowledge in decision making of deployment the motor vehicles in operation. Servomechanism and hydrostatic steering 3. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Course title in language of instruction: Tractors for semi-trailers wi th a low chassis de fined i n point 6.

Ability to analyze technical data of motor vehicles. Learning activities and study load hours of study load: In this course, students will learn about the structure of individual functional groups of motor vehicles. Differentials, self-locking differentials c. Type of teaching method.

Course title in English: Final drive housing b. There is no compulsory work placement in the course podvoaky. Gearboxes for cars and lorries 4. To meet the requirements min.

As regards the third argu me nt t hat chassis and hyd ra ulics are also used in other products, it is noted that the products given as examples by the interested parties are clearly different to hand pallet trucks, not only in their physical characteristics but also in their use.


Ability to determine the exploitation parameters of the vehicles.

Tatra – Sklápěcí automobily Tatra T 158 Phoenix

Type of course unit: Mode of completion and number of credits: Written examination, calculation of given examples. Approval may be granted subject to conditions to be met by the completed vehicle such as, for example, characteristics of s ui tabl e chassis, rest ri ction on use or installatio nthese r es trictions being recorded on the approval certificate.

It does not match my search.

Not applicable – the subject could be chosen at anytime during the course of the programme. The testing methodology should be based on measurements on a ch as sis dynamometer or on modelling o r simulation where such methodologies would provide better and more accurate results. Hand over and defense of protocols assigned during the semester.

Course syllabus MV1T – Motor Vehicles 1 (ILE – WS /)

In this course, students will learn about construction of individual functional nodes of motor vehicles. There is automobbily compulsory work placement in the course unit. The wrong words are highlighted.

Their final knowledge should involve data about individual parts of functional groups nodes of motor vehicles, clutches, gear boxes mechanic and hydrodynamic etc. Mode of completion and number of credits: Course title in language of instruction: Attention is paid to understanding and mastering of general principles of functioning of individual autojobily and their application in the most frequent types of motor vehicles.


Learning activities and study load hours of study load: Written examination, calculation of given examples. Except for tractors for semi-trailers, certificates of conformity coverin g chassis pdvozky ab veh ic les belonging to ca tegory N shall be of Model C. Aims of the course: With respect to the accelerat or s, ty pes of chassis and en ergy le vels it should be noted that the requested adjustments fall automobilu Article 2 10 of the basic Regulation but the differences in factors claimed have not been demonstrated to affect price and price comparability since no such information was provided by the Chinese party that could warrant an adjustment.

Course syllabus MOVOZ2 – Motor Vehicles II (FA – WS 2017/2018)

Mechanic steering systems b. The product concerned is hand pallet trucks ‘HPT’not self propelled, used for the handling of materials normally placed on pallets, and their essential p ar ts, i. They further argued that: Final knowledge of students should involve orientation in design and structure of individual functional groups and capability to evaluate utility values of individual types of automobiles including economic parameters of their operation.

Compulsory attendance at exercises. Semi-automatic and automatic gearboxes c. Regulations and standards concerning motor vehicles.