Terence Rattigan’s The Browning Version is a one-act play about an unpopular schoolmaster who, faced with the collapse of his career and marriage, snatches. The Browning Version – A Play in One Act has ratings and 22 reviews. Yngvild said: Although The Browning Version is a classic on stage and film, part. Retiring teacher Andrew Crocker-Harris is also on the verge of divorce.

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BBC Radio 4 Extra – Terence Rattigan – The Browning Version

Paperback64 pages. Although The Browning Version is a classic on stage and film, partly because the main roles are so attractive to the best actors, it is worth reading, because you see different aspects of the play on page.

I can see now that the film took quite a few liberties with the play, but in a good way, drawing out the emotional undercurrents of the characters. He was one of England’s most popular mid twentieth century dramatists. For an old man like Crocker-Harris, who gathers more and more tidbits of almost immobilizing heartbreak throughout the plot, both professional and personal, and for whom the sole solace is literature, like “Agamemnon” of which at the end he receives “The Browning Version”power lies in self-effacement verwion the impossible task of just getting through another day without the help of versioj bulwarks of stability.

It is also followed by an browing with one of the authors of a Rattigan biography which provides some beguiling insights into his work and his attitude. The gift brings about a series of actions which make Crocker-Harris reflect on his past, contemplate his future, and evaluate how he is going to finish his tenure at the school.

Pretty high-brow, but if you know Aeschylus’ Agamemnon backwards and forwards vresion will thoroughly enjoy this book. Four versipn to the film, too.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Bgowning do that, I need to make the ancient Mediterranean world come alive in all its color and diversity. Second was the fact that Frank was portrayed to be one that eventually everyone should hate but it instead turned out to be the one that I ‘frankly’ liked.

Quote image for “The Browning Version”. And despite of all the allegations, he never complained, he never showed his inner feelings to anyone, he was very careful to not break rattifan front of anyone and this explains why he didn’t like being liked because he thought no one was capable to love him. A heartfelt look at taking stock and making change. Retrieved 10 April — browniing National Library of Australia.

Want to Read saving…. Nov 12, Peter Jakobsen rated it really liked it. Anneka rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Books by Terence Rattigan. The play is shorter and more condensed than the film, set in one room and performed in one act. The two film versions are excellent. Nevertheless, I believe that at least some of us should learn Latin and Greek, and for those of us to choose to do so, we should learn it well.

The play ends exactly as it should, with no attempt to tie up all the loose ends. The students speculate on why he is leaving, but do not much care since despite being academically brilliant, he is generally despised as being strict, stern and humourless.

Yes, we want them to participate in a conversation about Latin literature that started at least as early as the second century CE. I was moved reading this play as I was watching the film.

The Browning Version is a British drama film based on the play of the same name by Terence Rattigan. View all 5 comments. I first need to convince my students, hopefully already sympathetic to my case, that we need folks in our world who can read and interpret ancient texts. But we also want our students to be able to read the texts themselves, to be able arrive at those valuable scholarly conclusions because they have interpreted the texts appropriately, not simply blindly consumed by the implicit conclusions embedded in fluffy translations a la Alexander Pope.


The idea that a relatively young man can be so downtrodden, both pr Although Verzion Browning Version is a classic on ratyigan and film, partly because the main roles are so attractive to the best actors, it is worth reading, because you see different aspects of the play on page. The play was subsequently made into two film versions, and at least four television adaptations.

It was directed by Anthony Asquith and starred Michael Redgrave. He pities the man, somehow clued into his demise as a classical scholar.

No performance may be given unless a licence has been obtained. The Browning Version is an artful allusion, a pathos-laden schoolteacher tale, and a reminder that the classics still, to this day, provides an excellent dramatic backdrop for intense stories of subtle heartbreak, wherein a few sharply placed words can break a man forever. From the beginning vrsion was unsure of their affair but he didn’t make an attempt to end it before or rather he did but it was overlooked by Millie.

Terence Rattigan – The Browning Version

Andrew Crocker-Harris is a classics teacher at an English boys’ school. It is what makes his plays so enjoyable. It concerns the relationship between a young student and a teacher not well-liked by the other boysand that between the teacher and his wife rocky, but superficially proper.