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28 Aug This British Standard is the UK implementation of. EN +A It supersedes BS EN +A which is. Hydrocarbon Resources Ltd, 22 June , Uncontrolled Copy, (c) BSI BRITISH STANDARD BS EN – Steel wire rope slings — Safety — Part 1. 28 Aug BS EN +A Steel wire rope slings. Safety. Slings for general lifting service. standard by British-Adopted European Standard.

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Annexes A and B are informative.

Full text of “Safety British Standards”

The faster, easier way to work with standards. For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision. Want access to British Standards? BSI also holds the copyright, in the UK, of the publications of em international standardization bodies.

A version in any other language made by translation under the responsibility of a CEN member into its own language and notified to the Management Centre has the same status as the official versions. Where forged steel lifting hooks with latch – grade 8, forged steel self-locking hooks – grade 8, links – grade 8, forged steel lifting hooks with latch – grade 4, links – grade 4 are used, they shall conform to EN parts 2 to 6 respectively.

This standard assumes a working coefficient factor of safety of five. Customers who bought this product also bought BS EN Various BSI electronic information services are also available which give details on all its products een services. Ns of British Standards should make sure that they possess the latest amendments or editions. We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. This method of rating assumes that each leg is at the same angle to 134114-1, that for three and four leg enn the legs are equally disposed when viewed in plan, and that all of the legs are in use.


The certificate shall contain at least the following information. EN gs 1 -2, Terminations for steel wire ropes – Safety – Part 2: It does not cover matched sets of slings with spliced eyes.

The minimum length of plain rope between the inside ends of ferrules terminating a sling leg shall be 20 times the nominal rope diameter. The adjacent ends of the ferrules shall not be less than three times the length of the ferrule apart after pressing. Where a terminal fitting is used, the eye termination shall always be fitted with a thimble.

Users are 134414-1 for its correct application.

BS EN 13414-1:2003+A2:2008

This does not preclude the free use, in the course of implementing the standard, of necessary details such as symbols, and size, type or grade designations.

Specification for bss for use and maintenance to be provided by the manufacturer Part 3: Kl is the leg factor relating to the number of legs and the angle to the vertical see Table 3.

In a four-leg sling each of the two pairs shall be joined by an intermediate master link to the 113414-1 link. Information on standards BSI provides a wide range of information on national, European and international standards through its Library and its Technical Help to Exporters Service. EN 1Components for slings – Safety – Part 4: Click to learn more.


Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Upper eyes shall always be fitted with thimbles, and if lower terminal fittings are used, the eyes shall always be fitted with thimbles.

Revisions British Standards are updated by amendment or revision. The hazards covered by this Part of EN are identified in clause 4. The minimum length of plain rope between the tails of splices shall be at least 15 times the nominal rope diameter. Where shackles are used they shall conform to EN Safety Specification for information for use and maintenance to be provided by the manufacturer BS EN The splicing operation shall be in accordance with EN 10 Licensed Copy: Specifies the construction requirements, calculation of WLL, verification, certification and marking of steel wire rope slings designed for general lifting service.

Kj bd a factor which allows for the efficiency of the termination. It covers single- two- three- and four-leg slings, with ferrule-secured or spliced eye terminations and spliced or ferrule-secured endless slings made from 8 mm to 60 mm diameter 6 strand ordinary lay steel wire rope with fibre or steel core and 8 strand ordinary lay steel wire rope with a steel core conforming to EN NOTE 2 Tables 3 and em show working load limit values for ferrule-secured eye slings in various configurations.