Botanical name: Cucurbita argyrosperma Huber Family: Cucurbitaceae Common names. English: cushaw (United States); Spanish: calabaza, calabaza pinta. Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) Kabocha ARJUNA. Kabocha type pumpkin also used in Central America as “calabaza” [ ] Read more. Domestication History of the Squash Plant (Cucurbita spp) . This was a subspecies of Cucurbita pepo called Cucurbita pepo ovifera and its.

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Other than the traditionally defined pumpkin, commercially canned “pumpkin” puree and pumpkin pie fillings may contain other winter squashessuch as butternut squash.

Inheritance of rind lignification and warts in Cucurbita pepo L. They are sometimes used to fool setting hens into laying. Both Hr and Wt must be present for wartiness to develop Schaffer et al. In the s, a number of Magnolia hybrids were developed by D.

Most parts of the pumpkin are edible, including the fleshy shell, the seeds, the leaves, and ppepo the flowers. How to prepare green striped cushaw to make a pie better than pumpkin.

The ripe fruit peoo occasionally used to prepare sweets although it is used most frequently as feed for livestock and poultry. They have three stigmas. A most unique and unusual squash!

Pumpkin / Calabaza

Tipo “Kabocha”, en Estados Unidos incluido en los de tipo “Buttercup”. Its leaves have petioles of 30 cm or more, are broadly ovate-cordate to suborbicular, measure 20 to 25 x 25 to 30 cm, have white cucurgita, are slightly lobate with three to five ovate or triangular lobules, have an obtuse apex that is briefly apiculate, serrate-denticulate margins and three to five ramified tendrils.

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Retrieved November 23, Summary [ edit ] Description Laboratorio de calabazas – Cucurbita pepo Argentinian zucchini 03 maturing fruit for seeds. Cucurbita pepo ‘Benning’s Green Tint’. Pumpkins are, however, rather hardy, and even if many leaves and portions of the vine are removed or damaged, the plant can very quickly re-grow secondary vines to replace what was callabaza.

This characteristic apparently was important prpo Native Americans, for it has been suggested Kay et al.

Its spread to other countries, both within Latin America and outside the continent, was certainly very early. It was first collected by J. The fine, rough netting around the shell is a distinguishing feature of this heirloom.

As crooknecks have been cultivated continuously in North America at least sinceit seems safe to assume that the modern crookneck cultivars are the direct descendants of those cultivated over yr ago”.

Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Cucurbits. International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. The three cultivated varieties of C. Ccucurbita pumpkin is a cultivar of a squash plantmost commonly of Cucurbita pepothat is round, with smooth, slightly ribbed skin, and most often deep yellow to orange coloration. It should be mentioned that those cultivated in Guanajuato and Chiapas are currently being used in genetic improvement programmes. Photographs from Laboratorio de Calabazas.

They are used for decoration and are edible as well. Issues in new crops and new uses. Fruits shaped like a top, broad at stem end and coming to a point at blossom end, deeply furrowed.

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Variedades de calabazas y zapallos en Estados Unidos

Cucurbita pepo ‘Beirut’, Cucurbita pepo ‘Sihi Lavan’. These come chiefly from Mexico and Central America and to a lesser degree from South America and other regions of the world.

The Autumn Wings blend is a very unique gourd series that offers many colors and patterns on fruit that have wings on the bulb end.

Photographs from Laboratorio de Calabazas. Cucurbitaceae flowers Cucurbita pepo ornamental group gourds Photographs from Laboratorio de Calabazas.

Retrieved 1 November The seeds are a good source of protein cucurbira oil, and their industrial preparation and marketing should be investigated. The flesh of this pumpkin is 3″ to 4″ thick and thus can be somewhat more difficult to carve in comparison to other pumpkins.

Retrieved February 17, National Academy of Sciences.

Variedades de calabazas y zapallos en Estados Unidos – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Retrieved 8 December The relatively large seed size of the var. Hybridization experiments of the taxa belonging to C. The color of pumpkins derives from orange carotenoid pigments, including beta-cryptoxanthinalpha and beta caroteneall of which are provitamin A compounds converted to vitamin A in the body.

From Wikimedia Commons, pfpo free media repository. In Japansmall pumpkins are served in savory dishes, including tempura.