7 Feb KFVS has obtained a copy of the program used in today’s funeral service for Coretta Scott King. Click here to download the program. Corretta Scott King funeral program. Miss Your Next Treasure. Set up a search alert to hear when Scott King Collectibles items arrive. FOLLOW SEARCH. At the airport, Coretta Scott King went into the restroom with her friend, Dora .. BERNARD LAFAYETTE: We had to organize the funeral, complete the march .. Coretta and Christine [King Farris, King’s sister] worked to create a program that.

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And all the other shallow things will not matter. He had a sense of his obligation. Still widely ignored on a planet gone berserk! I remember when Jacqueline Kennedy came. I really wanted to go to the funeral; I thought I needed to go.

I was so mad. The vehicle came to a rest in the right ditch along the tree line of I The main cause of her death is believed to be respiratory failure due to complications from ovarian cancer. Allen went into the ladies room to find McDonald and Scott King. My date turned the car around and drove me to the King home.


Death and funeral of Coretta Scott King

The megachurchwhose sanctuary seats 10, was better able to handle the expected massive crowds than Ebenezer Baptist Church, of which Mrs. We lived in an apartment building called coretya Burge Apartments, across from the Georgia Tech campus. November 13, Martin Luther King, Jr. So the transit company looked like good guys, giving everyone free rides.

We were walking up and down the streets all hours of the day to [prevent] riots. I had never had that kind of intense pain and loss. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Funreal we went up on the plane I heard this wind type of sound, that for me, sounded like somebody breathing.

There was a lot of concern about safety, worries about people taking advantage of the situation to cause trouble, people wanting to show their strength or power.

An Eastern Airlines staffer stopped Allen and told him to take a call; it was the official notification that King was dead. I was a drum major for righteousness. The vehicle then lost control, left the roadway, struck a ditch embankment and then overturned.

Thousands of people offered to help.


Ada and Bell trod at the head of the procession, as thousands followed behind. It was a heavy burden. He was screaming and hollering for people to put out the fire he had started.

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They were elevated shoes, because of his height.

Death and funeral of Coretta Scott King – Wikipedia

He said he wished it had been him rather than Martin who had been killed, that he had already lived his life. They apologized later, and I cussed them out. Francisco Vera, shut down the clinic. Martin had already placed Ralph in the position to be successor.

Clip Coretta Scott King Funeral | User Clip |

People were rejoicing at the opportunity to hear Mahalia, and Dr. It was the most remarkable thing. I remember how tired the kids were, and Bernard Lee was carrying Bunny back to the car and at that moment I realized that I now knew Martin Luther King was dead.

She was just twelve or thirteen; her hair was up in curlers. In Detroit, two police officers were shot. She wanted prpgram headdress. Coretta Scott King Funeral. It was a frightening time in a way.

It was kind of discombobulating. It was red looking.