Die Weiße Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Die Weisse Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A detailed biography of Inge Scholl that includes includes images, quotations and the main facts In June the White Rose group began producing leaflets.

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The White Rose’s mission was simple and dangerous: Few students could have the moral courage to defy a despotic regime like the nazi and put their lives at risk! They were not communists or weiswe. I have been reading about WWI and WWII as, unfortunately, in school we did not reach that phase in history for whatever reason and I am interested in learning about the how and why of peoples’ actions.

Die Weiße Rose : Deutsche Lektüre für das 3. und 4. Lernjahr. Gekürzt, mit Annotationen

Want to feel dumb? It’s important to realize that not all resistance is violent–and that if nonviolent resistance were ineffectual, the Nazis would simply have let the White Rose continue.

The closing sentence of the concluding remarks is: The story of the Csholl Rose Movement has been made into film three times. They did not waver in their choice. I found the court documents to be shocking and they gave a clear picture of the madness of the Nazi court system and people who are frantically trying to hold onto power and ideals that were rapidly falling to pieces. What made this book a challenging read is that the that takes up most of the book is not particularly well written.

They watched the environment turn from celebratory to one of censure– where young people,and their family, were scorned for expressing doubt in the regime, discomfort with its rhetoric against Jewish people. The White Rose is similarly sobering. I learned about war-torn Germany during WWII, and about the heroic young people that dared to stand up and say “No more!

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You wouldn’t know that, though, by searching Google, as some articles have her belonging to the White Rose, which is false. If this book proves anything, it proves that fre I was surprised to know about this group of civil resistants in the Nazi Germany. This is, though, a bit subversive, it is after all an assertion of individual moral conscience against state power, against mass media urging conformity, against violence and coercion, nor if one takes into account the reproduced leaflets, is the inspiration for their course of action entirely, if at all Christian, instead there they cite Schiller, Goethe and Lao-Tse.

Views Read Edit View history. If you guess from that, that their resistance leaflets were not a slick targeted campaign with clear objectives, I would agree with you view spoiler [ though of course you might welcome such an approach as an improvement and pleasant change to typical political discourse hide spoiler ].

It consigns all Germans to the role of active supporter or coward. They were obviously sustained by their religion, and their protest seemed to be founded on humanity rather than political ends of any particular kind. Her book did shed some light on their family’s background prior to their activities in Munich, but overall not a whole lot of new information was brought to light.

We all like to believe we’d be on the “right side of history”. Baz’s record count in the other place would drop by half. All three were in German, but worth watching. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The tender, chilling, beautiful and horrible life, trial and death of a group of mostly young, German dissidents against the Nazi regime. Many have suggested a dark shadow has fallen over our world recently.


Commemorative plaque to Inge Aicher-Scholl. I applaud the actions of these students, most of whom were beheaded as a result of their “crimes against the government. Inge Aicher-Scholl 11 August — 4 Septemberborn in present-day CrailsheimGermanywas the daughter of Robert Schollmayor of Forchtenbergand elder sister of Hans and Sophie Schollwho studied at the University of Munich weiisseand were core members of the White Rose student resistance movement in Rie Germany.

These pamphlets reassured others that they were not alone.

The pictures of Sophie Scholl are particularly moving because she still looks like a child. It seems quite clear that everyone knew what National Socialism really meant, some embraced it to get power, many must have supported it, but many more must have feared and loathed it.

Die Weisse Rose : Inge Scholl :

Refresh and try again. There are several books about the Scholls and their friends, but I chose this one to start as it was written by their sister, Inge, and I felt it would be a good personal introduction.

The Nazi Germany sourcebook: February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Non ho voluto guardare il film prima di leggere il libro: Acholl examples scoll be pointed to, such as the opposition of church leaders to the T4 euthanasia program which led to its dismantlement and those German who hid Jews or assisted them in escaping, but it is certainly the case that the regime was successful in preventing large scale outbreaks of opposition.

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