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Hello!Up for sale is a really cool multi-effects unit by Digitech the TSR!Tons of effects available in this box. Delays, reverbs, Find great deals for DigiTech Tsr True Stereo Reverb Multi-effects Processor Project. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I don’t think I would replace this unit with a another Digitech product. Since I have an extensive amount of equipment I would not need to replace it, but if it was.

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Login or Sign Up. Curiously, the Overdrive is listed in the Modulation effects block? Nov 29, 3. It’s hard to beat a good tube amp.

The TSR24 is so complex. Note that the effects rack is of course destined to guitars, but it also includes modules adaptable to keyboards, bass, vocals, drums etc. If you have the standard unit only, you can’t use them, but you can overwrite them.

The firmware version in shown there while boot up. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew.

Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. That’s funny, I dgiitech gonna suggest an MP-1! Might be worth a read of the manual for you. Mono it was a bit over-done. Dec 2, If this is the reverb I like the most, for its part “Giga”, other classical effects are largely up to it.


You’ll get the following benefits: As I recently discovered, there is a significant lag when switching patches which the 2nd processor allegedly fixes. Execute a hard reset Q: Log in or Sign up. WildwindNov 29, It was one of the first TSRS models. Cool, when you get a good Leslie setting let me know, I will need that for Floyd songs. I tried the TSRS 4-cable-method. It’s not necessary to have the 20MHz upgrade installed, but for best performance I recommend to upgrade to 20MHz, too.

Reverb seemed a bit grainy and mid-heavy and the Rotary effect, which was a big selling point to me, seemed a bit bland. However, while we wouldn’t use the modules as serious harmony or pitch correction tools – the delays involved and metallic quality are far too obvious – they can be used effectively for guitar processing or sound effects.

The FX module buttons allow you to fly around digtiech system without getting xigitech confused; choose your effect, scroll to a parameter, tweak it, have a listen, and save the result. Programming the TSRS is, in spite of the manual, relatively simple. At the heart of each Program is an Algorithm, a configuration of effects. Nov 29, In all fairness, I’m picky about stuff like that. Usually if I power it down and back up again this goes away, but I would not use this unit for any mission critical applications.

I initally walked in digiteh store saw that they used to be a digitech dealer and that they had a good inventory on hand. In stereo it was colossal. It includes various modulations, delay, digitevh, chorus, flanger, pitch shifters, arpegiator, tremolos, sampler, noise reduction etc I hated the interface too.

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How do I measure the voltage of digitedh internal lithium battery? I don’t do any looping. You figitech gotta hold the up or down button down to scroll through settings ranges. Or, write down your most important settings on digitceh. Back to Dieter’s Homepage Disclaimer Impressum. If you don’t have one: View the Media Kit.

The manual is complete. Programmability is of course much more capable than the MPX No, because it’s not necessary to execute a hard reset.

DigiTech TSR User Review by Michael Willis

Nov 29, 5. Not satisfied with those reviews? Found a TSR first. The Rocktron was OK but not for me.

DigiTech Tsr-24 True Stereo Reverb Multi-effects Processor Project

Switch on the unit while watching the display. Turn one knob to get to the effect, the other knob to pick the parameter you want to adjust and ANOTHER knob to actually adjust the parameter. The few acoustic considerations are interesting and allow us to understand just what a reverb.

Yes, my password is: I did come up with a pretty wicked Leslie-ish sound though.