23 Jun Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma Maya and Lochan are brother and sister, living in London with their mother (nominally, at first) and their three. 16 Aug Book review – Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. August 16 It takes the concept of a “forbidden love” to a whole new level. It does not have a. Tabitha Suzuma (born February 2, , in London) is a British writer. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Bibliography[edit]. FORBIDDEN by Tabitha Suzuma.

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While I sympathised with his emotional and mental struggles, and I think sazum experience with anxiety was portrayed with a great deal of insight, I hated the manner in which his mental illness was used as a plot device. At the end of the day, what the hell does it matter who I end up with if it can’t be you?

Tabitha Suzuma – Wikipedia

They are strong, they are weak, they are irrational, stupid, genius, wild, and so forbirden more. You might know a famous almost-couple who may or may not have suffered from this condition Like she fussed about her kids but done them no real good. Lochan and Maya’s romance was beautiful.

This is one very special book. If it’s true and consensual love, should incest still be considered dirty and disgusting? This gave her time to write her next four novels: May 09, Penny rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a heavy book for me. The two of them essentially function as the parents of three younger siblings in their household, forbiddden they have no father and their alcoholic mother neglects them for weeks at a time. It’s so hard to describe.

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And how come, even though what feels so right and natural to them, is frowned upon by all the rest of society? In fact, reading it was a real struggle at times.

Tabitha Suzuma

It was like watching Titanic as a kid over and over again. Click here to see the rest of this review. I despised the loser mother of this book with such a passion, and that just propelled my level of compassion for Lochan and Maya. It is a survivor’s bond, of sorts. That one scene after Lochan has been yb, stayed with me afterwards and I was crying for ages. They are siblings and it is against the law to have an affair. At this point, Lochan and Maya ceased to be characters and sounded more like mouthpieces, which bothered me immensely.

Their story shattered my heart.

Its about two people drawn together by their circumstances, who are as close as two people can be, who rely on each other, support each other, have been through hell together… The pain, lonliness, and desolation of their life pushes them together. Lochan and Maya’s situation was hard.

Maya getting the bracelet, their strong support for each others troubles, tears, even the fact that in one day Lochan had the best morning of his life-with the kids as happy as they were, with Maya in szzuma bedroom- just to fall from euphoria in to the worst and last night of his life … And all this…all of it coming to that final chapter and Epilogue. When I say this is about Forbidden love I mean it.

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Book review – Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

And the pain was big. Tabitha Suzuma managed to make their love relationship seem so right and not once did I forget they were brother and sister. Yup… that sounds exactly like how I felt! This is a review I’ve put off writing for over 3 years now.

But forbidde know their situation is not easy so they try to stop their feelings but they obviously fail because they love each other too much. All I’m saying is please, please – use discretion.

To draw such emotion through an extremely taboo topic takes pure talent. Agree or disagree, but consider alternate viewpoints. How to explain that Lochan has never felt like a brother but like something far, far closer than that — a soul mate, a best friend, part of the very fiber of my wazuma Hence, if you loved this book — and I know and respect many who do hi, friends!

This book is better than so many others that I have read and I was even hoping for a sequel so we can see one of the kids get a happy ending which they so greatly deserve. Nov 27, V. It was really gut wrenching.

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