The Grand Jury Presentment related the testimony of a graduate The graduate assistant, who was familiar with Sandusky, was going to put. Jerry Sandusky has been arraigned on 40 counts of sex crimes related to boys, and was released on $ unsecured bail. The presentment of a grand jury investigating Jerry Sandusky follows. Warning: This presentment includes explicit descriptions of the.

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In this case, the grand jury that voted to approve the presentment did not even hear McQueary or Paterno testify. Here are the relevant timeline events from the Moulton report:.

Second Jerry Sandusky Grand Jury presentment

Curious just how far your rental dollar goes in Boston? The grand jurors do not author the grand jury presentment. His father told the graduate assistant to leave the building and come to his home. Here are the top rated spots in Boston. As the graduate assistant put the sneakers in his locker, he looked into the shower. This site uses cookies.

Sandusky grand jury presentment (Warning: Graphic content)

There is no case law or statutory requirement that a Grand Jury Presentment include even a summary of the evidence and the law upon which the Presentment is based. The graduate assistant, who was familiar with Sandusky, was going to put some newly purchased sneakers in his locker and get some recruiting tapes to watch.

November 10, at McQueary says this is semantics, which is correct in terms of conveying that there was a serious issue.

Coach Paterno, according to his own testimony, definitely knew it was severely sexual. What did McQueary tell the Grand Jury? Mury particular ruling was in response to motion from Curley and Schultz to quash the grand jury presentment. As the graduate assistant entered the locker room doors, he was surprised to find the lights and showers on. Judge Feudale writes the following in footnote Email required Address never made public. And at page oresentment We’ve rounded up some recent listings to give you an idea.

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The voting grand jury never heard McQueary, Curley, or Schultz testify and yet the voting grand jury approved a presentment that commented on their credibility. As we ring inthe shovels will still be hanging out in the garage around southern New England.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I saw them three separate times. Edited with BlogPad Pro. Rather it is the prosecuting attorneys that write it.

Students Protest Paterno Dismissal. Unusual, even outlandish, flavor combinations. It is presented at page The clear implication made by the presentment is that an anal rape was reported to Paterno.

Sandusky Grand Jury Presentment

However, based on the fact that all of ujry charges have been held for court after preliminary hearings, any such argument is moot. In Pennsylvania, once charges are bound for trial after a preliminary hearing which has a relatively low bar to meetcase law indicates that any issues or challenges to a grand jury presentment are rendered moot and no longer matter.

Now, in your written statement, November 23,you said: It is not public whether full or partial testimony was read into the record to the voting grand jury.

At trial, defense attorney Karl Rominger asked McQueary about his statement to police and his testimony to the grand jury, at page gramd The question at this point is, how did the grand jury come to approve this presentment? He believed the sounds to be those of sexual activity. Here’s What Elizabeth Warren Will Be Exploring Jon says Elizabeth Warren’s exploratory committee will help her answer some key questions about her chances of running a serious presidential campaign.

Here is the complete Grand Jury Presentment of their case against Sandusky. Here are the relevant timeline events from the Moulton report: Notify me of new comments via email. Paterno Made The Wrong Choice. This is an interesting finding of the grand jury considering that Mike McQueary never testified to the grand jury that voted to approve the Grand Jury Presentment.


As always, a Grand Jury is charged that the standard for issuance of a Presentment is whether there is sufficient evidence to constitute probable cause that an individual committed a preseentment. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Yes, I — Q: The defendants argue that the Presentments returned by the Thirty-Third Statewide Investigating Grand Jury should be quashed and the charges against them dismissed.

McQueary was very clear in later public testimony that he never conveyed the idea that he told Paterno about an anal rape. It was New York judge Sol Wachtler who famously said a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich.

As he was quick to recall on becoming the new Chief Judge of New York and its Court of Appeals, Sol Wachtler has long favored eliminating grand juries from most felony cases.

Paterno was told of the allegations in by Mike McQuery, currently the receivers coach at Penn Presentmenf, who allegedly witnessed Sandusky sexually assaulting a young boy in a school shower.

The clear implication made by the presentment that an anal rape was reported to Paterno had far ranging consequences when the scandal broke in early November He saw a naked boy, Victim 2, whose age he estimated to be ten years old, with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky.

It is not known whether their full testimonies were provided. The judge reviews the presentment.