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5 Apr Huntress by Malinda Lo, out today from Little, Brown, is a prequel to her first novel, Ash (reviewed here by Elizabeth Bear), and is set in that. 5 Apr Huntress is the story of two girls: Taisin, a gifted student well on her way to becoming one of the best sages of her generation, and Kaede, her. Ash (); Huntress (); The Fox (), short story set after Huntress, published in Subterranean Magazine.

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Chapter Fifty-Five Lovecraftian Reread: Jun 19, Stormy rated it it was ok Shelves: That in and of itself is a bit outside of the norm, but what really made me soar was that this malinad attraction llo not shameful, shunned, or disapproved of by their society. InMalinda Lo co-founded Diversity in YAa website and book tour to promote and celebrate diverse representations in young adult literature, with fellow young adult author Cindy Pon.

With attacks against their party increasing and stakes raised, Kaede and Taisin realize that their new bond may be tested and ultimately destroyed if they are unable to complete their quest.

Malinda Lo

This review refers to an advance reader’s copy. Then, most of the book tells of the journey the characters take to the fairy city Taninli. So it’s full of symbolism and amazing imagery and lovable characters.

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The writing style here is also a plus! Kaede and Taisin, her two female leads, are well-rounded and interesting.

Those who seek to change it will be changed. There’s definitely enough here to make the story work, but a tad more information would have just filled in the edges a bit. This review has been hidden because it contains malinva.

HUNTRESS by Malinda Lo | Kirkus Reviews

Want to Read saving…. I gotta admit, I just finished reading this and And all the POV chang I cannot comprehend why this book has so many high ratings.

You must be a registered user to subscribe to threads. This book has a lot of flaws. Aside from its queer content, I particularly enjoy the fact that Huntress is a book that pulls directly from Chinese literary culture—the Book of Changes plays a constant role in shaping the story—and that there is a huntres Asian girl on the cover, in a pose of strength, with that bright script above her head proclaiming Huntress.

Even though the last part dragged, I would still consider Huntress as a fast paced High fantasy book. One more thing, and possibly the largest complaint I have: The relationships were so understated that I never got caught up in them.

Similarly, I enjoyed the expansion of the world we initially came to know in Ash. That is just bad writing. That is to say: When an invitation from the Fairy Queen of the Xi arrives, both Taisin and Kaede travel there with the king’s son.

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Queering SFF: A Review—Huntress by Malinda Lo |

Instead it felt a bit like something you’d read on Fictionpress when someone writes a better-than-average fanfic set in a Dungeon and Dragons world. To solve the crisis, the oracle stones are cast, and Kaede and Taisin, two seventeen-year-old girls, are picked to go on a dangerous and unheard-of journey to Tanlili, the city of the Fairy Queen.

And then we reach the Ice Fortress and everything gets Yeah, still doing that too. Jan 16, Lindley Walter-smith rated it liked it.


There was nothing else the author could have done and retained the integrity of the world she created. Con, the son of the king; Taisin, a young woman who wants to be hutress celibate sage; Kaede, a classmate of Taisin’s with no talent for the magic; and Shae, Pol and Tali, their guards. View all 10 comments. The land the two girls live in has fallen on hard times and the situation is dire if winter is not brought to an end.

I was excited about the Chinese mythological components, too.