2 Jan In his book, Jeff Hwang advocated limping everything but the strongest hands, hoping to get pots multiway. He even advocates limping weak. 28 Jul Such was the question Jeff Hwang says he was consistently asked when working on his newest book, Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha, Volume I. Pot-Limit Omaha Poker has ratings and 13 reviews. Eugene said: This book was a good read. It corrected a lot of the leaks in my game and was also abl.

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In our opinion there is a wide gulf between the fishiest and limir opponents. Curtis Seven rated it really jeff hwang pot limit omaha it Dec 31, I also want to add that Jeff Hwang’s first followup isn’t great for hwsng either because it is almost entirely focused on the concept of floating in PLO which will more often than not, run you into trouble at the microstakes. I only did read the omaha Hi part, but it was great.

If you’re going to play Omaha, you need this book. That’s standard for reddit though.

Not for your average PLO pott what a tough game that is. After he graduated college, Jeff picked up poker, and he has been playing semi-professionally ever since.

The Big Play Strategy attempts to teach the jeff hwang pot limit omaha how to minimize the variance as much as possible, anyway, in a game where edges are often razor-thin at best when the money hwangg inplay tighter, and show a long-term profit.

That being said, Hwang is all about fundamental solid play, which is designed to take money from players who can’t seem to fold.


Hwzng Swamynathan rated it liked it May 23, Never forget that people play PLO because they get tired hwsng missing every flop in that boring game called NLH, and because it’s fun to have 4 cards, yo. The one aspect in which I do think it’s still relevant is for PLO tournament play since tournies are more likely to be full ring and it’s probably better in full ring tourney to be more nitty. The Deep South Posts: Mar 19, Erin Parisien rated it jeff hwang pot limit omaha was amazing.


Buying it will set you back 2k though.

Pot-Limit Omaha Poker by Jeff Hwang

Pokerchat – deel 4 – Pagina 36 – 9lives – Games Forum. PLO is doing about 70mph on I I will read his other PLO books 3 volumes. Jeff Hwang’s books are pretty authoritative, and fantastically written. Send a private message to NMcNasty. Linit trivia or quizzes yet. As it turns out, he does an admirable jeff hwang pot limit omaha with both of the other games.

Does that URL contain both the link and the encryption key? Henry DeBenedetto rated it it was ok Feb 01, Our goal is to be the one on the dominant end when the big pots get played: However, if you’re a NLH player who’s completely new to PLO, then I recommend reading at least the first half of this book jeff hwang pot limit omaha an open mind.

Pot-Limit Omaha Poker

Higher is better, in all cases. Thanks for telling us about the problem. How does that work? His idea is to play tight and wait to make the nuts with redraws. Although the book is aimed at full ring games, the idea of the nut draw, nut draw with redraws, which straights are good, the problem of the dangler, etc jeff hwang pot limit omaha all things that PLO players need to know from a very broad strategy perspective. No, but it’s not as relevant to modern PLO play as people seem to think.

I’ve watched every relevant CardRunners video for my stake and read the articles on Donkr by Bugs. I highly recommend both the book and the articles linked, but the articles can do as a substitute in a pinch, if money is tight. One weakness in particular that shows up in some hwant the sample hands is an eagerness to bet big and take down the pot in situations where a hand is likely to be way ahead or way behind of an opponent.


Highlights include a very detailed look at wrap straight draws and the omaya of hands which — though they appear similar — make sucker holdings rather than have nut potential. It goes indepth on why certain hands are better than others and backs it up with math. Matt Rocca rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Jeff hwang pot limit omaha books are really meant to be read together so you can develop your own strategies of that.

Which are games that anyone interested in PLO should also be interested in. Easily the best book on basic PLO on the market. On the other, he makes good use of the similarities between the games to cover jeff hwang pot limit omaha three in a single book.

His approach is similar, identifying the most profitable post-flop situations and then working backwards to derive a limti strategy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Although big pots emerge most frequently when a monster draw runs into the flopped nuts, Hwang refutes the common misconception that PLO is primarily a game of luck and gigantic post-flop coin flips.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Returning to the discussion jeff hwang pot limit omaha ideal flop situations, Big Play Strategy next discusses how much heat different kinds of hands can handle post-flop.

The time now is Which will then allow you do download the file in the same manner as if you had just posted both in the URL to begin with. Check out our dedicated Best Jeff hwang pot limit omaha MTT Sites section today and find out for yourself just how profitable the weakest sites can be! But Pot Limit Omaha: