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Joumana Haddad. Joumana Haddad (, Beirut) is a poet, translator and journalist. She is head of the cultural pages in prestigious An Nahar newspaper, . Joumana Haddad is a ferocious critic of sexism in Lebanon, and her erotic magazine has brought death threats. A new book is her fiercest. Joumana Haddad – foto Giorgio Pace. (Lebanon, ) is a poet, journalist, translator, editor and consultant. In her work she focuses on eroticism and the.

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You cannot be a humanist without being a feminist and you cannot be a feminist without being a humanist. I Killed Scheherazade has already been translated into six languages when we met, a fierce bidding war was being conducted in Brazil — but not, yet, into Arabic. WU GR Share this page. Best Poem of Joumana Haddad.

Jumana the full of I Am A Woman. A feminist, activist, international best-selling author, and one of the secular and independent candidates in the Lebanese Parliamentary elections, Joumana Haddad sure has a lot on her plate.

On stage it is the belly of literature speaking. Haddad intends to write that version herself, and rather than tone it down, she plans to make it an even stronger attack on the world she comes from, and on her gender: T he first year that Joumana Haddad took her new magazine to the Beirut book fair, her posters were torn down, there were bitter complaints to the director and Hezbollah, whose stall was directly opposite hers, tried to close her down.

But, away from the spotlight, who is Joumana Haddad deep down inside? You call yourself a humanist, is this so you can avoid the “feminist” tag? The novel is inspired by her maternal grandmother, who was a survivor jouana the Armenian genocide, and it revolves around the lives of four successive generations of women in the Middle East who, between andlived through the Armenian genocide, the Israeli war on Palestine, the Lebanese civil war, and the Syrian war.

Ahmed Saadawi Bassim al Ansar. In her work she focuses on eroticism and the liberation of Arab women from their paternalistic yoke. But not just wake up and fight over the hot water and who’s going to make coffee, because at the end of the day these things are really what ruin a relationship.


It was amicable, and haddda are still friends.

Joumana Haddad | Writers Unlimited

Retrieved from ” https: A Lebanese and a Turkish writer, who, apart from being a poet and a writer, happen to be concerned columnists. Hoe ik Sheherazade koumana vermoord, bekentenissen van een boze Arabische vrouw How I killed Scheherazade, confessions of an angry Arab woman in attracted a great deal of international attention.

I believe in justice, I believe in hard work, I believe in transparency, I believe in humaneness; and I think that haxdad we can bring these values into the parliament, we can have a real chance at changing Lebanon. They hack into her website and fill her inbox with threats of rape and murder and stoning, call her debauched, immoral, criminal and wicked, a bleak litany she appears to accept as an unavoidable consequence of what she does — which is to write deliberately personal, often explicit poetry; edit the cultural pages of Lebanon’s leading daily, An-Nahar, the first woman to do such a job in the Arab world; and — the project that causes the greatest cascades of opprobrium — publish Jasad, a glossy quarterly magazine dedicated to the body.

In this international poets’ programme four poets of stature talked to each other about their quest for words. Views Read Edit View history.

Joumana Haddad wants a ‘more humane Lebanon’, so she’s running for parliament

So, you’re already an established journalist and author, why do you now want to venture into politics? Winternachten — Winternachten zaterdagavond International poetry: Why doesn’t she leave altogether? I don’t think they’re so estranged. An-Nahar is not responsible for the comments that users post below.

The inclusion of young motivated people in our political life would help bring this country forward. I want to play an active role in coming up with solutions that would make the lives of Lebanese citizens better. They think they know so I let them, and I happen. Behind the laughter and defiance lurks a sense of what her unconventional path might have cost. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge Horrified and hypnotised, she read the whole thing.


We rid ourselves of one so-called abomination with one hand, then practice intellectual debauchery, which is much worse, with the other. The flamboyant writer now works on a Ph. Haddad speaks seven languages and has translated various works of prose and poetry into and from Arabic. Haddad has many other critics, not all of them so gentlemanly. She gives great credit to reading books as a child and an adolescent and advises young girls to stay curious and thirsty for knowledge.

The threats aren’t likely to end any time soon: In Octobershe has been chosen as one of the 39 most interesting Arab writers under Inshe co-wrote and acted in a movie by Lebanese filmmaker Jocelyne Saab “What’s going on?

Haddad’s latest project, I Killed Scheherazade: By the end of she launched Jasad Arabic for bodythe first Arab erotic cultural magazine. Her current husband, who she has been with for 10 years and married three years ago, is also a poet.

NAYA | Joumana Haddad: Taboo-busting journalist, book author, show host, candidate and mom

That was how she discovered that suicide ran in the family: Beirut seems to elicit such anger and loathing — but that’s part of the point. Aged seven she came into the jounana to find her grandmother, to whom she was close, and whom she was always told she resembled, lying dead on the floor, having poisoned herself.

Of course they remain men and women of letters, so expect an eloquent, passionate avalanche of words. Trending on An-Nahar At the stroke of midnight when kisses exchange magic.