Drown, a series of short stories by Junot Diaz, explores the effects on families and particularly boys and young men when absent fathers and therefore a lack of . Drown by Junot Díaz – Chapter 4 “Aguantando” summary and analysis. Stream “Drown” / “Aguantando” by Junot Díaz by New York Public Library from desktop or your mobile device.

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This site uses cookies. He also knows that Aurora hardly fits the image of a family matriarch in a traditional Hispanic sense. He briefly visits the Dominican Republic with his new wife but does not come inside the house and visit his first family. She supports the xiaz he is and even though in one scene of the novel she is caught yelling at aguantandp son for climbing a tree too high it is because she wants to keep them safe.

With this piece of information it is clear that the mother is not educated. I agree with your analysis that it must be difficult to adjust to life in the United States after the immigration from the Dominican Republic when you live in a shabby and run down area. Many sentences commingle the two languages: After returning, Vertudes — recovered from her breakdown as well as her illusions — rejects her sons and grows physically violent with Yunior for the first time.

The mom simply finds any means of work in the States, working at a chocolate factory just to support her family Diaz When you consider this it makes the whole situation especially sad because now she is a single mother with little to no education and practically nothing but her love to provide for her kids. She would make comments about how Yunior would not be enjoying the food and other amenities that her house has diax offer where he lives once again almost implying that he should be grateful for letting him stay there.

Drown – Chapter 4 “Aguantando” Summary & Analysis

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I think it is diqz that the mother has to martyr herself on behalf of her husband and children. It definitely shows how the family views the idea of those things and how important they think it is.


If I had half a brain I would have done what Cut told me to do. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. A very valid conclusion may be that she dropped out of school to raise her family. You are commenting using your WordPress.

The title of this short story itself shows how much the Spanish language means to Diaz.

Multicultural America: Junot Diaz “Aguantando”

No syncretism is permitted at the end for Lucero. You should have seen it. Ultimately, masculinity plays a role in the demise of not only the male characters but the women who have to fill their absence.

The ending ambiguously leads dixz to imagine a continuation of the drug dealing and abuse and possibly contraction of AIDSthough there may be a minute possibility of this couple changing their habits and pursuing their relationship in way transcending their abusive hyper-masculine behavior.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your daz here Remember me on this computer. Email aguwntando Address never made public. He could see his father saying his name and becoming aware of his presence now.

Yet to Aurora he dissembles feelings of love and will not allow expression of his own similar desires. The language helps establish realism too with the family being in New Jersey and still speaking Spanish. This story repeats in many foreign countries where due to dictatorships, political and socio-economic issues many families have had to disintegrate, many communities have had destroyed and many nations have become very corrupted afuantando.

When I thought of Papi I thought of one shot specifically. Also, the women in the story often carry the burden of the male counterparts.

This construction is then internalized by the reader, replicating the confusing discourse experienced by immigrants. A fundamental means aguanhando survival among numerous rivals, the mask of toughness pervades many characters in the short story collection.

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Instead, his father married a U. Finally he talks about his school years and how difficult was for him and aguantandk brother to bring themselves together and be able to go to school: When he gets lonely, he craves her daiz impetuously seeks her out at the Hacienda where all the other junkies hang out. Abuelo also goes through a similar issue where he is not able to find a job and feels useless to his family.

You are commenting using your WordPress. All of this helps establish the setting of the Dominican family being in New Jersey, away from their country.

Enter the djaz address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It was only because of that plastic bag that any pictures of my father survived. He is not cognizant of the mask he wears, nor does he show any fear of the unmasking of his streetwise ways. The reader must juunot meaning from the unfamiliar discourse, the very sort of activity newly-arrived immigrants regularly undertake in their new American environment.

I would agree with you in saying that the setting connects to the theme of survival in the book.

Papi might find that there is disz use for him in the Dominican Republic because of the hardships of poverty. Notify me of new comments via email.

The usual qualities of a Latina matriarch end. In the meantime, these Dominican children lived in a rat-infested home with virtually no income: He valorizes her natural artistic abilities in paintings she makes on the walls inside abandoned buildings where they have had sex. As Marjorie Garber explains, the object of desire remains potent only if veiled and therefore inaccessible Garber