13 Aug (Reviewed by Ishita RC) I love mythologies. Indian mythologies and historical facts are my absolute favorites. The number of ways in which you. She eventually becomes Karna’s mainstay, counselling and guiding him. Karna’s Wife, told from Uruvi’s point of view, unfolds against the backdrop of the epic. Karna’s Wife – The Outcast’s Queen by Kavita Kane -book cover. Karna’s Wife – The Outcast’s Queen by Kavita Kane. Almost every Indian at some point in their.

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While I completely understand the meaning of ‘fiction’, ‘creative liberty’ and the need to show ‘a different perspective’ to a well Kavita Kane writes in her Preface – that urged by her mother, this book was written in an impulse. The princess who defied all norms to marry a charioteer’s son, who did not stop healing people and working in the battlefield- she can easily be a today’s woman!

Again the story of Mahabharat with another point of viewbut it is no different than other. From the beginning Karna knew this but his friendship and loyalty to Duryodhana trumped everything for him.

Some of the scenes as well as the moments literally brought tears to your eyes. Oh by the way, the author is a woman. Unfortunately, Kane is not that author as she too falls in the trap of karbas popular myths to justify the protagonist and his friends. Jan 26, Divya Sarma rated it did not like it. This book makes you smile when you read about Uruvi and Karna’s love for each other, at the same time you can’t help feeling sad cause you know what’s in store, right from the beginning.

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Also the same rehashing of how great Karna was was not needed in every other chapter. Of course, ooutcasts admirers of the tragic hero will instantly get charged at such narrative, but I, for one, was extremely annoyed. Your heart breaks to know of all the wrongs done to Karna and it takes time to get over it. Karna was a dynamic man, now carved into public memory as the quintessential ‘tragic hero’. Uruvi’s perspective brings out with surprising clarity and distinction the various important personalities with their own shades of gray.

Uruvi says Karna wanted Krishna to do it. Indian mythologies and historical facts are my absolute favorites. Nov 05, Swathi Sridharan rated it did not like it. Her stand that helps prevents the possible next Mahabharat between these two cousins or their offspring was what made me really really This is a good book for sure And then I stumble on more bits of lazy kranas. A must read for mythology lovers.

Karna’s Wife – The Outcast’s Queen

How many pages does the book have? The novel begins with her story, an accomplished Kshatriya princess who chooses Karna, the ‘sutaputra’, over Arjun, an antithesis of Draupadi’s choice.

View all 7 comments. This book has not only brought out the various emotions that Uruvi outcqsts through as the wife of one of the most complicated characters in the Mahabharata but has also explained the phenomenon of Karna.

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View all 4 comments. This book explores multiple facets of karna! And may everyone of us be like karna and get a friend like him If Indian historical fiction interests you specifically the Mahabharatathis is a great book to read.

The Outcast’s Queen 3. Karna was the former and Arjuna was the latter. He fights an uphill battle right from birth — is given away and brought up by poor parents his father being a charioteer at quren time when your parental heritage mattered a lot. outcatss

The book somehow turns you overwhelmed and makes u feel sorry for uruvikarna’s wife. Everything stood ominously still.

Book Review: Karna’s Wife, The Outcast’s Queen | Entertainment | iDiva

Leaving you with some excerpts of the passages that Kavita read from this book and hope that it makes you want to buy the book; know more about Urvi, a woman we know so little about, living in ohtcasts time from the past, the tenets of which are relevant even today. Each character and incident is played very poignantly and each shade is grey, even Duryadhana with all his pride and flaws looks human and not the anti-hero.

It appears to me that there are more challenges in attempting to retell a known story than in telling one’s own original story.