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“Caliph Harun al-Hakim has long cast an envious eye on our holdings outside of Rokugan, and when word of our renewed war with the Lion. So I was talking with a team member today and he brought up that LBS is likely under the IP for L5R so can i get confirmation this is true as well. Legend of the Burning Sands RPG has 16 ratings and 0 reviews. To the north of the Empire of Rokugan, lies a mysterious land called the.

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His daughters and some of his least crippled sons were trained as ruthless killers, dedicated to undermining the Caliphate.

They may very well simply be a catalyst for it, which would not put them actively in the game.

Mikel added it Jan 17, The Qabal opposed Hanan Talibah and tried to lift sanctions imposed on the practice of magic, as well as leading the only substantial rebellion to her power. Since the death of the Caliph Hanan, The Qabal once again opened their doors to any who asnds wished to learn the magic of the sahir.

First they need the IP, then they can figure out what they are doing.

The Burning Sands

Faerun, I’m reasonably certain it was never formally combined with L5R. Oh man, you think I can answer this one? Sign In Don’t have an account? However, the astute L5R players can go back as far as year, year and half perhaps, in the L5R story and flavor and find references to who it may be.


Legend of the Burning Sands was set in the same fictional world as Legend of the Five Ringsbut with an Arabian setting rather than an Oriental one, with a few characters appearing in both games.

Greatkithain rated sznds liked it Apr 20, Andrew Hamblin added it Aug 03, Kristopher Miller rated it liked it Jan 12, This article is a stub.

Her will was enforced by heartless sorcerers called the Khadi. That son became a Qolat master and used them as killers against other Qolats.

Legend of the Burning Sands RPG (L5R) by Dan Comrie

Win militarily before the water is gone, or dry out your opponent through raiding. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Diego Grams rated it really liked it Nov 28, Sales were poor, and most of the stock was destroyed rather than being warehoused. What clan is in the most trouble in your opinion? One can bow the stronghold to make your holdings in provinces cost 2 less gold min 0 that turn.

Medinat al-Salaam was a centre of intrigue and warfare, and a cultural crossroads. The last third, mainly males, followed the l5 sound son of the Old Man. Another such powerful empire, and a newcomer to the region, was the Yodotai empire, which crushed the Senpet in a lengthy and bloody 20 years warfrom to The largest is the Moto family of the Unicorn Clan. Again, it depends on if they do or they don’t, you’ll just have to watch. TCGplayer will be there in full force as well.


Much like Legend of the Five RingsLBS included many factions, especially towards burninng end of the game, where sanes different groups existed: Well, I’m just a games journalist. But again, this is all speculation.

Combined with the fact that LBS had some mechanics L5R does not, such as water costs, water raiding, knife dueling, etc. Focus on gaijin elements should absolutely not be central to game.

Instead of the beginning of a long story arc about the conflict and interaction between the Yodotai Empire and Rokugan, it was a throw away about a rogue 5lr commander who was destroyed.

Legend of the Burning Sands RPG

Want to Read saving…. The Burning Sands was a merciless and lethal place, unlike any environment known in the Empire. Wanna know a facepalm-worthy thing about Yodotai? The Unicorn Clancalled the Ki-Rin Clan before it left its homeland behind, originally set out from Rokugan soon after its founding to explore this region of the Mortal Realm and determine if its inhabitants presented any danger to the people of the Emerald Empire.

The Card Game Search In. The war camp works with Shugenja and Strategies ONLY and has almost no synergy with the actual Yodotai cards and how they actually function with whole “followers-matter” theme.