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Books on LibraryThing tagged Liber Razielis Archangeli. La fittizia associazione del Liber Razielis in sette libri ad Alfonso X il Saggio e una nuova determinazione delle fasi redazionali del trattato, della loro datazione e. Alfonso X y el Liber Razielis: Imágenes de la magia astral judía en el scriptorium alfonsí. Alejandro García Avilés. Pages Published.

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Sefer Raziel HaMalakh – Wikipedia

And if it be set in gold it giueth great freindshipe betwixt twey men if thou touchest them with it. Know thou that who that toucheth with this Clausures 57 they shall be opened to him anone. And of that other halfen deale anoynt he himselfe, euermore shall go with him one of the deuills that is to witte, he whom he can inclepe which shall say many things to him. Who that annoynteth of the bloode of him, the cloathes of twey freinds it maketh them enemyes or casteth the dry blood upon them.

And a woman with child use her it not, for it noyeth 53 to the child. Ne do you not to another man that thou wouldest that another man did to thee.

And it cleanseth them much. And his power is to defende a man from the podagrie.

And as oft as Saturne were in Libra so many mutations he giueth in lands. Ech man that worketh razieils this booke it behoueth that he know all these thinges, that is reasons, which here I wyl not expowne to thee that is that thou know in which tyme thou were [born] of the 4 tymes of the yeare.


So the vertues of sensible beasts w ch feeleth [K: And they be said signes. And put he his minde in w ch tymes of the iiij times of the yeare 24 he shall worke, or of the iiij tymes of the moneth or of the iiij times of the day with his night, or of the iiij times of an houre. The 8 stone is Onix [onyx]. Ne blame razieois not a booke, neither prophecy neither a wiseman till that thou have proved him.

In the 4 th heauen that is said Maon serueth these ffrom the party of the North Rahumyel, hayuynyel, bacyel, serapyel, Matyel, Serael. Here beginnethe Semoforas that our Lord gaue to Moyses. And so more kinga or he for whom thou dost. And so understand arzielis in these that shall be said furthermore. That is to say, [Adonay, El, Saday,] help ye me to fulfill my wille with this Reade. And that, that sleeth them is the spettell of a fasting man.

This hath great vertue in all his members. And I saw that what euer I would worke of them lightlie I wrought. Know thou of exaltacions. Cistus], ambergris, and Musk; to Venus, flowers as roses, violets, saffron, and such like; to Mercury all peels of wood and fruit, as cinnamon, lignum cassia, mace, citron peel [i. And twey terni auaileth in beholding the ascendent, one good fortune in the ascendent.

The 24 herb is Cicoreya. The 5 foule is said Vpupathat is a lapwing haueing a creast of fethers in the head as a cocke. Galls, especially oak galls were a common ingredient in preparing inks. The Angell said to Adam make thymiamata. Here endeth the booke of Raziel of 7 treatises. And upon the 7 words haueinge power. And if thou inclepest with the blood of a goat the prince of deuills he shall be ready anon to do thy maundement.


When go [therefore] I understode old wise men to haue made books how or with what witt or with what art I might know the sciences of all the foresaid I enquired. Mainstream displacement of rationalism with Kabbalah.

The 11 stone is said Cliotopia. And that is Thymiama of good. And they be unlike among themself as men together or other beasts.

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Know ye heere the natures of Signes. Mystics of 16th-century Safed.

And Adam said by a tree came wretchednes into the world that is by the tree I sinned in it. Part of a series on. In the 6 heauen that is called Cebul.

Know thou that in herbs is vertue of the most that may be. Sections of it are no doubt older. And his vertue is that he encreaseth to norich [nourish] much mylke [milk] and good.

Sepher Raziel, Liber Salomonis (Sl. )

And it maketh it to be raised upward till that into the forme of Rayn [rain] it be conuerted downeward. The 2 booke is w ch the Creato r gaue to Adam in paradice in the houre of necessity or neede. And this hath might to chase away fendes. And Mars in Capricorno. And Salomon said to Nathanael w ch is the life or the might or the seruice that these angells doth.

The 2 when he spake with the Creato r in the hill. The second fowle is said Vultur that is a Vowter [vulture].