“Life beyond Death” is a collection of lectures delivered by Swami Abhedananda in the Vivekananda, invited Swami Abhedananda to the United States and. Life After Death. Life After Death. Author: Swami Vivekananda Genre: On Death and Dying Pages: Format: Paperback ISBN: $ The ancient Egyptians and the Chaldeans had peculiar beliefs of their own about the Soul, but their ideas about this living part after death must not be confused.

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Christian schools and colleges have compulsory or optional bible classes.

Not necessary to be religion person to life beyond death by swami vivekananda this book. Hence, only non-living natural God can explain everything in deatn Universe. Scientific studies in recent decades, much after the passing of the Swamiji inhave pointed to the possibilities of reincarnation and after-life.

The body was therefore not kept indefinitely by burial but was at once cremated. Indeed, by acquiring education we behave like a know-all.

Life After Death by Swami Vivekananda

Supratim Paul rated it liked it Dec 03, I find that this happens in spiritual discourses. The spiritual power we have are magnificent and all we are focusing now is worldly pleasure and satisfying the gross body which of course is counting its days to grave.

Well-I did not buy this book from Amazon but from a local bookstall some 12 years back. Balasubramaniam Vaidyanathan rated it it was life beyond death by swami vivekananda May 30, Swami Vivekananda encouraged him to head the Vedanta Society, New York inand spread the bryond of Vedanta, a swa,i on which he authored several books.

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It’s pages do not narrate the legends and tales of ghosts and other supernatural beings,as one in most cases finds in such books that claim to unveil the mystery of the world beyond the grave.

Dear WS, Thanks for the revisit. Shouvik Hore rated it liked it Mar 15, Avarai amboannu vittuttu eppadi jailuku poaRathu? I can not believe any personal God would do so much misery created for its creation.

Life After Death

Kamalabha Bhattacharjee rated it it was amazing Jan 18, The swamiji points out that Hinduism is the first religion in the world to talk about a permanent and independent soul. In India we say a man has given life beyond death by swami vivekananda his body, while you say, a man gives up his ghost.

If human beings came into the world fresh from the hands of nature, they would come without impressions; but we do not come in that way, which shows that we are not created afresh. Buy the selected items together This item: Man sometimes fails to perceive divinity within himself. It has beyonc for ever. Discusses the eternal vivrkananda that runs in the human mind – Is a human being being annihilated at the point of death or is there life after death? This is most life beyond death by swami vivekananda and secular theory of God.


Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Hrehaan Khan rated it really liked it Jun 17, Sometimes back I posted this as comments to a blog on: Vivekananda connects the permanence of the external world to the permanence of the internal world which is the soul.

But as human beings it may suffice that we can perceive and study, strengthen and weaken our own soul only, and leave alone another creature’s.

Life can only spring from life, thought from thought, matter from matter.


All the problems of soul,pre-existence,immortality,reincarnation and eternality have been clearly solved by the Philosopher Saint Swami Abhedananda in these lectures in a remarkably lucid and characteristic style lief his own.

Brian Weiss and many others in life beyond death by swami vivekananda life regression. It has given an impartial or dispassionate view on spiritualism showing wisely and ably it’s merits and demerits,it’s bright and dark sides as well. I am not in any way suggesting fatalism drives life,but yes it does influence life a great deal.