26 Oct Go beyond simple queries and get the inside track on how to write system administration scripts with Windows Management Instrumentation. Selection from Microsoft® Windows® Scripting Self-Paced Learning Guide [Book] Scripting Host (WSH), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and. Microsoft Windows Scripting with WMI: Self-Paced Learning Guide [Ed Wilson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Go beyond simple queries.

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The ServersAndServices text file needs only to be defined in this location, and the variable TxtFile is left untouched—wherever it might be used within the script.

The Split command can be used to parse a line of text based on a delimiter of your choosing. In addition, since Now is inside the For Each…Next loop, it will dindows each process as it is reported.

You use a For Each…Next loop to walk through and echo the computer names to the screen. Named command-line arguments have the advantage of being easier on both the scripter and the user.

Microsoft® Windows® Scripting Self-Paced Learning Guide

You define wmiQuery to be equal to the Select statement. Ensure On Error Resume Next is listed. At the end of the grouping of WScript.

The text of computerRoles. Paste the Dim section from step 2 into a new Notepad file. In addition, because you listed all the variable names we want to use to hold the registry keys in the Header information section of the script, you can simply cut and paste the variables into the reference information section.

Note Not sure what a variable is?

It looks like this: To ping other computers fuide the network, you have to modify the values within the quotation marks s1 and s2 in this instance. The i variable is simply a counter that gets incremented on each loop through the text file. How do constants differ from variables? You include the space because the ampersand is used to glue two phrases together, and VBScript does not add spaces when concatenating lines.


Microsoft Windows Scripting with WMI: Self-Paced Learning Guide by Ed Wilson

Two-Dimensional Arrays A two-dimensional array gives you the ability to store related information in much the same way you would store it in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Clearly there needs to be a better way, and there is. At least three things are really lame windowss it comes to administering Windows servers: You can use two approaches to prevent the script from failing when an error is present. Dim a 3,3 would look like the matrix in Table Goodreads helps you keep track of books guode want to read. Do Until does not run once a condition becomes true, whereas Do While runs as long as a condition is true.

Scripting Other Applications Part 5: Reference Information In the Reference Information section of the script, you assign values to several of the variables previously declared. This time, instead of simply referencing the WScript. Edit the Reference information section of the script. The key points to remember about an array are that it resides in memory and can be used to hold information that will be used by the script.

Microsoft Windows Scripting with WMI

This command has four parts associated with it: Open to the public. These two commands are often used to read through a record set or a text file. Let Me Count the Ways By changing reference assignments, you can modify the script to perform other actions. If you have only one drive, guess what? By containing that information in an If…Then…ElseIf construct, you can translate the data into useful information.


A quick search at micrpsoft Each lexrning of text will then be assigned to your array.

If, however, you use a For…Next loop, you can in many instances automate gyide process. The Now command is used to echo out the date and time, providing an easy way to timestamp logs and other output obtained from scripts. How is Select Case scriptting Use the variable from step 2 as you would any variable. The variables are arranged according to how they will micrlsoft used, that is, variables used to hold registry keys are on one line, and variables containing the corresponding output values of those registry keys appear on the next line.

You must define wmiQuery to be equal to the Select statement listed in step 9. Open a CMD prompt and switch to the directory where you saved the script. Tommy added it Jun 21, How Shall I Write Thee?

Microsoft Windows scripting self-paced learning guide

Login to add to list. In fact, the preceding script would run just fine if the Header information section were deleted. We learned how to read from the registry and how to get information out to the user.