Motorola Solutions Learning Product and System Technical Training Course Catalog | North America | 4 links using the Connect Plus System Planner. CTI Products. RadioPro™ by CTI Products, Inc. System Planner for Motorola MOTOTRBO. Document # S For Version 8 Software. 23 Aug Here’s System Planner for MOTOTRBO SR This is the North America release . If anyone can find the EMEA (European) release, please.

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I have been looking back in my logs trying to better understand the chronology of data messages sent before, during and after a voice call. See the Mototrbo System Planner for more detail. Ad Management by RedTyger. Next year, there will be a firmware upgrade that will allow the control channel to switch between to repeaters, but no more than two. In addition I can add that bit 7 is only set then nothing is happening.

The group has been created as a place to discuss all things DMR, and for that matter, digital radio in general. I was hoping to have a chance to look into this over the plahner but sadly didn’t have the time. I have a feeling the interleaved CSBK data during the voice call what we have been looking at helps accomplish this, but I’m not sure how. LTR is planne home chan.

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DMR provides voice, data and other supplementary services.


BrandMeister is an operating software for Master servers participating in a worldwide infrastructure network of amateur radio digital voice systems. Anyway, here’s the data – take from it what you will! I shall integrate your information into DMRDecode and hopefully release a new build later this week. I know this is basic, but I hope it gives a better picture of the system. Both MPT and the more modern Tetra standards transmit what is supposed to be a unique system identifier so that radios know if they should even try to connect to a system.

I does not use a system controller either like privacy plus either, so all channels can be used for activity. Have you ever thought about donating? It also seems to be in use in analog mode somewhere else nearby. Also indigo88’s mention of hearing what sounds like a control channel i. However, the control channel never changes. Do they scan all available channels when not involved in a call? It is a different format than LTR.

Motorola 6880309T12 MotoTRBO System Planner

Obviously multiply the preceding example by 2 to account for both TDMA voice channels per repeater. In my example ID 3 would be timeslot 1, while ID 4 would be timeslot 2.


Please take a look and discuss. Originally Posted by hlferg I see a lot of misunderstandings concerning Mototrbo trunking. Last edited by Forts; at 1: Your support, in whatever form, helps grow the network and we all benefit.

Page 1 of Finally, one of the documents did say late group entry was supported – for instance if the user turned their radio on after the start of a voice group call, they could still receive the end of it even though they missed the initial data frames.

Last edited by inigo88; at 1: Check out these resources and brochures by clicking on the links below! Switch to Threaded Mode. Hi John, thank you for joining this discussion! The primary goal is to specify affordable digital systems with low complexity.

From an infrastructure point of view, each repeater is issued a pair wystem channel numbers CH 1,2 or 3,4 or 7,8. Please consider contributing, whether to a small or large or specific project in your area. Mototrbo uses a rest chan. I’m finding the channel number from the CACH.