Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne [Ben Hills] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A portrait of Princess Masako, the. 19 May According to Ben Hills, author of the controversial book “Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne,” the governmental branch. 19 Feb Book Cover Princess Masako – Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne Japan’s extreme sensitivity over its royal family was laid bare yesterday.

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Im shocked that they could cut the position and fire the poor brown noser.

Touchy book on Japan royals faces ad ban | Reuters

Harvard, Oxford, Tokyo Univ akhirnya masuk istana dan kehilangan eksistensinya. On February 13,the Japanese Foreign Ministry held a press conference in Tokyo at which it denounced the book as “insulting to the Japanese people and the Imperial family”, alleging “disrespectful descriptions, distortions of facts, and judgemental assertions with audacious conjectures and coarse logic”.

The other Masako is treated as being spoilt and given advances in her career she didn’t deserve. Even great minds like Thomas Hobbes concluded that without a final authoritative figure a country will be forever in internal strife….

Princess Masako

In fact, at times, it almost feels as though the book is just as much about them as the Princess herself. I wonder if reading a biography about Masako’s brother-in-law may present more insight. Jul 29, Amanda Wils rated it did not like it. The Japanese Foreign Ministry claimed the book, Princess Masako — Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne, contained groundless claims and insulted the royal family.

The Crown Chrysanthemu suffered a miscarriage inthen gave birth to Princess Aiko in A picture is painted of two different Maasako’s from These glimpses into her past.

Nov 06, Alyn rated it liked it Shelves: Having someone else check the Royal Poo for oddities seems strange to me. Throje leading media, including the Asahi prinncess, MainichiYomiuri and Nihon Keizai newspapers all rejected advertisements for the book. Your email address will not be published. But most of all, this is a story about a love affair that went tragically wrong.

However, for a Harvard education international diplomat to become trapped in the confines of a secluded palace without personal choice, freedom, and pressure to produce a male heir it isn’t surprising to learn she has suffered in severe depression without any support from her family and public.

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She can’t even go to lunch with friends until her elderly gatekeepers vet the invitees and set the date. I’m not even sure where these references were used since the author made no mention of these sites in his work. But above all it is the story of a romance gone wrong, which neither will survive undamaged, but from which neither seems capable of escaping… One must draw a comparison here with the Prince Charles and Lady Diana saga. Hill said his book had already been published in Australia, the United States and Taiwan, and would also be marketed in China, Indonesia, Turkey and Romania.

Touchy book on Japan royals faces ad ban

Really feel for Masako. Apr 15, Janis rated thdone it was ok Shelves: While hoping that she would be the strong new f When Princess Masako finally decided to accept Prince Hironomiya’s proposal back in early 90’s, we I mean, all of my feminist friends and I were in shock. Fascinating subject matter but rather boring in its execution.

Psychological experts say that depression repeated continuously because the cause is not addressed and he advise the Imperial change the rigidity. No acknowledgement of the role of women in today’s society, even in Japan.

Pressure not only from the staff the Imperial Palace, also from outside the palace, some critics said Masako Kawahara was incompetence, too much talk, too smart and her marriage was a mistake from tbe beginning.

The Author describes the book as follows: The book wasn’t too heavy with historical details and had a nice pace leaving me empethetic for the pricess and wondering how her life will turn out behind the locked gates. The writing style is casual but sincere. Unquestioned acceptance and princses unbending bureaucracy maintain a costly Japanese tradition.

A small publishing company, Dai-san Shokan, later published the book in Augustalong with a companion book by investigative journalist Mineo Noda titled The Truth about ‘ Princess Masako ‘ — Mystery of the Contents Which Were Censoredwhich claims to reveal the ways the Japanese Establishment tried to prevent Hills’ book being published. I am not familiar with these sites but please inform me.

Feb 07, Michelle rated it it was ok. They don’t live lives anything like the ones lived by European ghe nor does the media have tje to them as they do in Europe. To my own chagrin, the spineless me in American terms, not Japanese pirncessI carefully modulate my responses. As for staged welcomes, this is certainly not odd or uncommon.

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He interviewed a lot of people who knew the couple before their fate was prncess with this marriage, and even some who are still in touch with them. Personally, I pity Masako-sama. What other inaccuracies did he cite in the book that I don’t know enough to pick up on?

This is a book that I’ve looked at countless times at airport bookstores, but have never actually bought. My complaint is that it was light on facts or citiations so I didn’t walk away thinking this was a factual depiction but more of a guessing game. Certainly, Masako has a sad story that is generally kept hush-hush. After maswko fell ill she relinquished most of her official duties, and although she has recently started to resume some of them she has not yet fully recovered.

Hhe if the word bugs you, I find it useful…lets take the issue up another day if you wanna discuss it.

Do away with the whole thing and let Masako live in peace! The story has sudden interest to me because it relates to and develops the mythology of myself. Naruhito and Masako were locked in matrimony on the following schedule in which the bride and groom had literally no say: The couple first met at a palace party inand the press started to speculate that she was a potential bride for the Crown Prince, a matter of increasing urgency because the Imperial heir was nearing his 30s.

Forbes Magazine lists billionaires. Ben Hills is a Walkley Award winning Australian investigative journalist and author. Why do not need them? Is it possible for the Crown Princess to divorce her husband and leave the Imperial family? G-Man Just for the record, we in the UK have a royal family, and I consider them to be a waste of money, as big or even bigger than the Japanese Royal Family. However, I can easily shrug that off.