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11 Sep QTP Tutorial – Step by step guide to learn QTP(UFT) for beginners. Guide to Self learn QTP through our detailed articles and video tutorials. I’m not sure but I guess this feature was launched in QTP not in QTP 24 Sep HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional testing tool. Learn everything about QTP/UFT including descriptive programming. 15 Mar QTP is one of the most widely used automation testing tools in the market today with QuickTest Professional was released in Feb

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Thanks in advance for your help. Thanks tutirial again Reply. You can download it from mercury but make sure you type quick test professional but not just qtp. And I post again now. Prabhu on August 17, at But I am unable to download the demo version of qtp from Hp site.

Tutorila i was using mercury as username and password,now site is not accepting it also. If user wants to download and install the QTP latest version, first they should know the minimum system requirements.


Where can I find QTP tutorial

Can some one help me out with the following question? When I spy object, I can not find it. If you are into QA even for a while, qgp are remote that you may have not heard of this three letter acronym. Whatever may be your reason, QTP is a great tool that should be added to your software testing skill-set.

Step by Step download and installation Guide QTP (UFT) – Training Tutorial 2

Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Or do we need to write it separately Thanks, Reply. First of all honestly i appreciate your patience and thanks for posting and sharing knowledge……its marvelous!!!!! Appreciate your willingness to share what you know with others.

Step by Step download and installation Guide QTP (UFT) – Training Tutorial 2

Subscribe to get free updates on UFT! So I am not able to learn qtp.

Otherwise publicly available download link is UFT 12 in the menu above. With Descriptive Programing mode you can write same script for all browsers which you are using if the support the particular qtp version. Downloaded the qtp from hp site and installed. Anonymous on July 23, at Tutorrial your email address: Being so many years in product software devlopment i am well verse with testing conceptsalthough never performed any testing role.


I am guessing this should be the start screen but it never changes from a white box. Now while accessing the selected radio button we are facing the issue tuforial the value of the selected radio button is a randomly generated number which on re-running gets lost.

Could you help me to identify an image of win object. Anonymous on July 14, at I am strucked in creating the functions.

How about Scope in USA of this subject?? Can you please fix that? Pls help me… Reply. Anonymous on October 31, at Hi do you have any pdf file about qtp 8. Hi Ankur, How are you? Great job in tutoril such a good web site and helping many.