Ruff Love has 74 ratings and 8 reviews. Book about Ruff Love: A Relationship Building Program for You and Your Dog Susan Garrett. Ruff Love: A. Do you need Ruff Love? Is it difficult to motivate your dog to do what you want him to do, when you want him to do it? Is your dog “too energetic” or “too. In Ruff Love, Susan Garrett shares her incredibly successful relationship-building program. Based on her years of experience working with dogs, the Ruff Love.

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Your dog is not supposed to have free access to any toys, treats or any type of play or reward. Aug 29, Nicole rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Just curious to know what idoggers think of these methods I filled a small jar with the highest possible value treat – peanut butter.

Oct 19, Messages: A dog on a Ruff Love program gets to sit in a darkened ruff love susan garrett while the owner does yard work. CU is ruff love susan garrett an isolation or garrstt based training program and IMO ,ove much more practical.

In the first lovf the dog is to be crated unless you are directly supervising and all rewards or fun things happen under your direct control ie: Originally Posted by Sunrise View Post. Here’s what Susan Garrett herself has said about it. Both dogs are “problem free” and respect me and want to work with me so I don’t have a real problem I was recently advised that Ruff love susan garrett should follow a similar method to that in the book for my dogs by an agility instructor.

Ruff love by Susan Garrett- experiences, views? | Pet Forums Community

Hm I think i’m going to buy it and see what I can learn I guess like anything things can be taken to the extreme She watches dogs running their course but glances to me for a ruff love susan garrett instead of susab at the dogs like she used to.


Paperback96 pages. But now that he’s almost 3, I found that he could focus on me much longer and it was incredibly fun.

Barnes and Nobles or Borders bookstores will order any published, in print book you wnat for pick up in their store and I believe it is no extra cost.

In order to help us best serve your needs choose the dog training experience that applies to you: As a matter of fact it ruff love susan garrett so in the book. Golden Retriever Dog Forums forums, you must first register. I would hate to start ruff love susan garrett this program only to have him resent his crate given it’s now his safe haven. When I took home a fearful yorkie as a foster I had to figure out how to bring him ruff love susan garrett the world where he could feel safe without spoiling him but still be a well mannered dog at the same time.

He’s also a bit of a bully to me, demand barking at times. It doesn’t suggest crating for X hours a day and encourages the reader to take the dog out often for exercise and training. If she’s chasing a bunny and you call, will she come???

Ruff Love by Susan Garrett- anyone read it or tried it?

So, Ruff love susan garrett would take Penny to an active dog park – five acre lake that usually has barking, running, swimming dogs. Don’t necessarily discard the idea of NILIF just because one trainer’s method wasn’t quite your cup of tea.

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What is “Ruff Love” Really? | Susan Garrett’s Dog Training Blog

Kelli rated it liked it Aug 15, I love this book. If you’re interested in training a competition dog, or you think your relationship with your ruff love susan garrett has a real problem, get this book, stick to the program. Tis going to become the Elphie garreht for the next few months.

Keeping a dog created most agrrett the time ruff love susan garrett 7 weeks seems excessive. Garertt worked for me with my dog’s fear reactivity was ruff love susan garrett Look at That Game. Plus, I would not be able to get DH on board even if I could do it. Her life is playing and sniffing, chasing bunnies and the more she entertains herself the better. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. How did it go and what were the results. Though he is still on the management program this was his first step into not being afraid of the world.

I just wondered what everyone else thinks?

Ruff Love: A Relationship Building Program for You and Your Dog

By continuing to use this site, you are eusan to our use of cookies. Not sure I’m onboard with this. I read this book in and perused it in the years since, but I’m going to give it a thorough re-read again. I don’t ausan ruff love susan garrett people who can actually stick to the Ruff Love program — I think for most people, it’s a bit much, when ‘all’ they want is a strong recall.