3rd grade independent conversation re: SLOWER THAN THE REST by Cynthia Rylant. Mariam –I jotted that I predicted Leo would have the best project. 25 Oct What do you think the theme is of this short tale? I know it is slow and stead wins the rest but I wanted to break that down better for my students. 20 Mar “Slower than the. Rest” by Cynthia. Rylant is a short story in the collection titled. Every Living Thing. “Charles” by Shirley. Jackson is a short.

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When Leo has an assignment to make a presentation on forest fires, Leo brings Charlie into school for his presentation.

Dear class, I eest doing a succinct summary. Later that night he felt proud of himself for being good at something for the first time.


The book was amazing in my opinion. That is what Better than the Rest is about.

On the way to church Leo finds a turtle. I also liked how you used the word “aced. It raced toward me and then I ran toward it and accidently scared it off. The class is amazed.

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I thought it was a great story, and I loved it. Then a week called Prevent Forest Fires week comes. Suttorp 3rd — Ms.

One day he is on the highway and slowwr finds a turtle.

Kimball, I am doing a succinct summary. Surprisingly at the end of the story Leo realizes that he has a lot in common with Charlie. He names slowre Charlie.

In-Class #1: Slower than the Rest – Ms. Kimball’s Class

And for the first time in his life he felt fast. Dear Class, This is my word review. The third word is Geranium, a geranium is a colorful flower from Africa which gy also be known as a storks bill. Dear Alex, Try to add more detail and make sure to use punctuations and overall just double check your work.

Dear myself, I slpwer to add more detail. Dear Class, I am doing a succinct is that spelled right? In the beginning of the story, Leo was a very sad boy because of his slowness.

SLOWER THAN THE REST | chlotasticwritings

Dear class, This is my succinct summary. Sincerely Owen 5 Reply Your comment will be posted after it is approved.

Leo names his turtle Charlie they are best friends. Dear class, Sorry I couldn’t put the sincerely in my witting. Charlie seemed to have helped Leo a lot.

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Leo thought he would explode with happiness and for the first time in a long time Leo felt fast! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Cooley 5th — Mrs. Leo names the turtle Charlie. Leo brings Charlie in for Prevent Forest Fire week and wins and award for the first time. But, Charlie helped him feel better. The story Slower Than The Slower than the rest by cynthia rylant is a really interesting and awesome text.

And that night he slept happy for he was a bit faster than the rest. The storey is about a kid named Leo and he finds a turtle on the road. Given these points, I learned from the story that friends can certainly help to make tough situations easier get through. I am doing a Succinct Summary.