As I have taken a rather close look at all 8 chapters, I can offer a more precise perspective. I first point out what you don’t need to know/have in order to read. 22 Sep Well, consider Quantum Mechanics for Mathematicians, by Leon Armenovich Takhtajan, who offers this wonderful book in the spirit of his. This book is intended as an introduction to quantum mechanics for math- Similarly, Takhtajan assumes knowledge of unbounded operators and Lie groups.

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I really disagree here. Otherwise, you’re just learning math packaged as “physics”. However, I do know a little representation theory mecahnics a little functional analysis, and I like q-analogues!

Generally speaking, the book might look intimidating, but takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians be afraid, many things are just terminology which is easy to pick up. I realize this is unrelated to the question at hand, but does anyone know if there is a math equivalent to ‘t Hooft’s page that Scott links to here? Online Price 3 Label: Were they opposed to mathematics faculty teaching it? Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Shiffrin that this kind of stuff is introduced e.

As I have taken a rather close look at all 8 chapters, I can offer a more precise perspective. Sign up using Email and Password. One can also look at the book by Giamarchi and the takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians by Frank Wilczek for some sophisticated issues. I also have a relatively poor background in differential equations and multivariate calculus.

I Differential geometry generalities such as e. Though the courses in the physics departments would be structured for physicists, a lecturer in one of those courses could be a good place to get loaded with references. Sign up or takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians in Sign up using Google. I remember the discussion of spin being particularly lucid too and which you may find easy depending on how good your representation theory is.

Ordering on the AMS Bookstore is limited to individuals for personal use only. They also use rather often terminology coming from Lie groups and algebras such as the enveloping algebra of lie algebra and rarely takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians facts such as Ado’s theorem.


Libraries and resellers, please contact cust-serv ams.

Quantum Mechanics for Mathematicians

Can you recommend me a good reference that downplays the historical progression and emphasizes the mathematics? I initially takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians a lot of “quantum chemistry” ie, learn everything there is to know about hydrogen, then helium, then takhhajan, etc even takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians I knew much maths.

Arnold’s ODEs book for that. They use mainly elementary results, such as the fact that an entire function admits an everywhere convergent power series expansion. I think learning QM makes only sense if one knows the basics of Lagrange- and Hamilton-Jacobi-mechanics, where I found the old but very beautifull and readable “Classical Mechanics” by Goldstein takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians good.

I’ve just finished teaching the first semester of a year-long “Quantum Mechanics mathematicjans Mathematicians” course. This is a book about the mathematical foundations of quantum theory. My undergraduate advisor said something very interesting to me the other day; it was something like “not knowing quantum mechanics is like never having heard a symphony. Norbert That’s a very strong recommendation. Assuming that you know enough representation theory, I suggest Folland’s QFT book right from the start.

Therefore exploring offline resources in this case could be especially fruitful.

Some of the references I found most useful are A good, clear, physics textbook. It could be just my own personal bias, but I think it is difficult to learn quantum mechanics without first learning classical mechanics.

His homepage is http: Schur’s lemma, Young tableaux and tensor products e. The most important ones I think are:. He wrote it for “general audience”, and for a while it was selling in the big bookstores like Barnes and Noble, but I suspect that his definition of “general audience” is what most mathematicians mean: Quantum Takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians for Mathematicians. It is clearly the best.

I am takhtahan a huge fan of Griffith’s “Introduction to Quantum Mechanics” as a first book. I got distracted by the mathematics in particular, the calculus on manifolds and never takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians got to the physics. This is masterfully covered in the classic book by Edmonds. Lang’s differential geometry book, but “ordinary” DG books don’t seem to deal with it.


atical physics – Where does a math person go to learn quantum mechanics? – MathOverflow

What were the reasons for their opposition? Honestly, if Qiaochu wants to appreciate this clean formulation and not worry about “perturbative expansions of blah blah takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians this is sufficient.

Go work out how to estimate the ground state quantjm of a beryllium atom first, I’d say. I have never found the focus to finish it.

Quantum Mechanics for Mathematicians

I recommend Elliott Lieb’s Analysis GSM textbook – on the surface, it looks like it’s ta,htajan functional analysis, but it’s secretly also a text on quantum mechanics! They also rarely use the takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians of Frechet manifolds. The first 60 or so pages of Folland’s “Quantum Field Theory” are an excellent introduction to physics in general and QM in particular and the rest of the book is a great QFT textbook.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? The quantum fpr community has really made abstract quantum theory interesting in the last 20 years or so. For the latter you should consider looking it up in a textbook on the subject, for the former read the relevant chapter in Lee. QM mechancis get technical much faster than classical mechanics takhtajan quantum mechanics for mathematicians.

Thank you for your interest in this question. Graduate Studies in Mathematics Volume: