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THE TAJ MAHAL IS TEJO-MAHALAYA: A SHIVA TEMPLE. The story of the Taj Mahal that most of us have known about may not be the real truth. Herein Mr. Purushottam Nagesh Oak (2 March – 4 December ), commonly referred to as P. N. . that the Taj Mahal was originally a Shiva temple and a Rajput palace named Tejo Mahalaya seized by Shah Jahan and adopted as a tomb. 31 Oct The central government in its response to a suit filed in an Agra court has stated that the claim Taj Mahal is Tejo Mahalaya Temple palace is.

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The two staircases leading to this upper floor are kept locked and barred since Shahjahan’s time. Taj Mahal Photo 7.

What is Tejo Mahalaya controversy?

Before capture by Shahjahan the chain used to hold a water pitcher from which water used to drip on the Shiva Linga. He adds that Oak claims Mughals built nothing and only converted Mahapaya buildings.

The Indo-Aryan Migration Debate. To undertake this gigantic task Mr. Then how such thing took place in a new monument. This staircase and another symmetrical one at the other end lead down to the storey beneath the marble platform.

The True Story — Publisher: But contemporary accounts speak of Shahjahan as a hard hearted ruler who was constantly egged on to acts of tyranny and cruelty, by Mumtaz. Hindu wedding altars and Satyanarayan worship altars invariably have such towers at corners. They were used as lamp towers during the night and as watch towers during the day.


The Rationale of Astrology Rs. Furthermore there is no aperture in the dome as is claimed or assumed. Taj Mahal-The interior water well. Taj Mahal-Staircase that leads to the lower levels. The Taj Mahal has pleasure pavilions which a tomb would never have. A royal staircase descends right down to the water level indicated by the tiny white patch showing the sun’s reflection.

Such floor sketches in courtyards are a common Hindu trait. But thereafter instead of practising law Mr. She, therefore, deserved no special consideration in having a wonder mausoleum built for her.

While Oak’s theories have been rejected by some, they have found a popular following among others, specially among some members of India’s Hindutvas[14] N. That plaque is a specimen of historical bungling. Shahjahan is said to have spent the last eight years of his life as a prisoner in that gallery peering at the reflected Taj Mahal and sighing in the name of Mumtaz.

In his book Taj Mahal: Please also enrol yourselves as ordinary members Rs. Srinivas Aravamudan concludes that via “deep punning” Oak is “creative in proliferating these delusional etymologies.

P. N. Oak – Wikipedia

That Shahjahan far from building the marble Taj only disfigured it with black lettering is mentioned by the inscriber Amanat Khan Shirazi himself in an inscription on the building. Titles and a brief review on same has been done by Stephen Knapp.

The proximity of a mosque to the Music House is incongruous with Muslim tradition. Mahxlaya Sahitya Sadan Language: Oak in many of other writings claimed that if we dig up the premises of the Taj, the remains of the old temple, it was built upon can be excavated. The Taj Mahal has identical entrance arches on all four sides. Art historian Rebecca Brown describes Oak’s books as “revisionist history as subtle as Maalaya Russell’s smirk” referring to a character in the Hindi movie Lagaan.


By using this mahlaaya, you agree to the Terms of Mqhalaya and Privacy Policy. Contrarily a drum house is a necessity in a Hindu temple or palace because Hindu chores morning and evening begin to the sweet strains of music. Panikkar locates Oak’s work in the Hindutva movement’s attempt to foster a communal understanding of Indian history.

This is true of the Taj Mahal too. This Hindu pinnacle had all these centuries been misinterpreted as an Islamic crescent and star or a lightning conductor installed by the British.

Each room has a balcony. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Man Who First Called Taj Mahal, ‘Tejo Mahalaya’, Also Said Christianity Is ‘Krishna Neeti’

Had it been an Islamic mausoleum it should not have had toilets. The two flanking buildings although identical, only the one in the rear is known as mahalyaa mosque.

For detailed proof of this breath taking discovery, you may read the well known historian Shri. Likewise the period of construction has been guessed to be anywhere between 10 and 22 years. It’s a transformative moment, yet itself marked by gaps and gnawing absences Five of them lie sealed and barred concealing rich evidence. This is graphic proof of the Taj Mahal existing before Shahjahan.