Ultra-high density plantation (UHDP)is a new and proven technology, commonly practiced for mango cultivation worldwide and combined with other sustainable. The ultra-high density mango scientiļ¬c methods of irrigation; inefficient plantation is a technique which has nutrient management; improper orchard utilized all. 5 Mar All these were prepared for high-yielding mango fruit production. Just follow ultra high-density mango plantation & earn millions from it.

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However, it’s early days.

However, the mango production is mainly depended on the agroclimatic condition of your mango farming business. By this, the extra space present in your mango farm will utilize perfectly. Depending on your climatic conditions, you can intercrop any crop in the unused space in your mango farm. So, your mango farm should be irrigated at an interval of two to three days, in the first year of your mango farming business.

We need a technology, which gives more production per unit area, for which the theme Ultra-high density planting comes to fore front. The secret to the short height drnsity these mango trees is the ultrahigh-density farming method. In such type of area, planting should be carried out at the end of rainy season.

The formalin scare in Goa has become a major political issue.

The below table shows various varieties of mango which you can consider for Ultra High Density Plantation. With the help of this, you will be able to plant around 70 mango plants per acre, which is considered as avg mango plantation per acre.

To know more about high density planting in mango, you can also Watch the high density mango plantation video. So far, about iltra are part of the Project Unnati in Chittoor.


Comparatively, traditional mango plantations have a spacing of 10X10 metres,” Velmurugan from Jain Irrigation, the company behind this agricultural technology, explains. The recommended fertilizer dose for Ultra High Density Plantation of Mango in soil having medium nutrient content is given below. Times are changing, and so are mango trees.

Modern day mango plantations: Short and sweet- Business News

Regulation relevant to all is needed. Binge-watching movies, obsessive dieting and other extreme behaviours are creating both an opportunity and India is the largest producer of mango but the productivity is very low.

Mango can be grown in a wide range of soils except clayey or extremely sandy or rocky calcareous, alkaline or water logged soils.

Planting mango should be done in the beginning of the rainy season Monsoon season because the risk of plant death is comparatively low hivh the rainy season. With Coca-Cola’s aggressive plan for Maaza in India, the project is likely to get further boost. So, avoid growing mangoes in such climatic conditions. The idea is to increase mango production and also double the sales of Maaza by Mango tree is believed to have evolved as a canopy layer species in the tropical rainforest of south and south-east Asia.

Low productivity in mango cultivation is mainly due to low plant population per hectare, absence of scientific methods of irrigation, inefficient nutrient management, improper manog management practices and losses due to pests and diseases.

Apart from this, mangoes are loaded with high vitamin A and vitamin C because of which, have the great market demand all the year around. Under the project, farmers are assured guarantee returns after amngo years of plantation on their land.

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Mango tree starts to bear fruit at age of around five to six years. Since the yield is higher due to ultrahigh-density farming, farmers get greater returns, claims Jain Irrigation.

Jain Farms to take ultra-high-density mango planting to TN, Karnataka

So, there is no waste of your produce mangoes. Three different constituencies make up Indian retail. In the case of ultrahigh-density plantations, this average increases plahtation 9 to 10 acres per acre per year. How to cultivate jackfruit. Your email address will not be published. The Unnati project team plans to reach out to about 25, farmers and cultivate 50, acres of mango trees in the next few years. When the plant height reaches cm, the terminal bud should be pinched at cm below the apex to encourage growth of auxiliary bud.

The flowers are cross pollinated by flies and honey bees. And it leads to low productivity in mango. Let us learn what are these mango diseases. But this too shall pass. The critical components of UHDP technology are the management of inputs: Buy Investors with a short-term perspective can buy the stock of Manappuram Finance at current levels. The yield is way higher in ultrahigh-density plantations plajtation to tight spacing of plants as compared to traditional plantations.

Take while cultivating mangoes in the massive rainfall Zones. Krishi Sandesh Agriculture in India. Please Email the Editor. If you want to sell them densityy the local u,tra, then pick them at their maturity.