1 Jul Weld defects, causes, and remedies. 1. Weld Defects, Causes, and Remedies; 2. Objective: At the end of the lesson, you are expected to;. Causes and Cures of Common Welding defects. Welding Type worm hole. Defect : Blow Hole worm hole blow hole. Why. What to Do. SMAW. CO2/MAG. 1. Welding defects can greatly affect weld performance and longevity. of the various defects, their causes and remedies can help to ensure higher-quality and .

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Increasing the joint angle. Improper gas shielded may also cause this defect.

Slag inclusion – Causes and Remedies

If we use the wrong electrode or if the angle of the electrode is wrong, then also the defect may form. The majority of weld testing and inspection can be separated into two categories. Try to position the electrode and torch angle properly so that the edges of the plate weldng away. It is also a good learning tool during training courses, as it allows the students to do lots of testing at minimum cost and is often easier to understand than some of the NDT method.

Today we will learn about all types of welding defects.

Handbook – Weld Defects

Reduce the travel speed of the electrode. PO BoxAuckland Phone: March 23, February 8, Admin 0 Comments defectsWelding. There are also more simple methods such as dye penetrant testing, that can be carried out with minimum equipment, and in most workshops.

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High Welding current can cause this defect. Such defects are called welding defects. Poor ductility of the given base metal.

What is Welding Defects – Types, Causes and Remedies? – The Welding Master

Defetcs diameter of the electrode should be small. Increasing the welding current and decreasing the travel speed helps in removing the chances of incomplete fusion. Improper welding angle and travel rate of welding rod. Your email address will not be published. Clean the weld edges and remove the slags of previous weld layers 4.

Incorrect electrode and torch angle may also lead to incomplete fusion. Using the right polarity and according to the conditions of the welding. We have seen several instances of cold cracking in welds when visiting customers. Some of the defects may be allowed if the defects are under permissible limits but other defects such as cracks are never accepted.

Preheating the weld and reducing the cooling speed joint helps in reducing crack. Use of improper size of the electrode 3.

Today we will learn about welding defects, its types, causes, testing, and remedies. By using large electrodes this defect may occur. Cold cracks can occur in both butt welds and fillet welds; however, this article will focus on those occurring in fillet welds. It is also called as incomplete penetration defect. Porosity reduces the strength of a weld. Contact Us Physical Address: Less deposition of the weld metal 2.

Postweld heat treatment PWHT is generally carried out to relieve residual stresses, remove diffusible hydrogen, and temper hard czuses microstructures of the weld, thereby preventing brittle fractures and obtaining the desired properties of the product. Reduce the gap between the weld joints by using reasonable weld joints. Your email address will not be published. Welding cracks can be present at the surface, inside of the weld material or at the heat affected zones.


How it occurs and how it can be prevented. It is occurs when the depth of the welded joint is insufficient. High electrode speed is also one of the reasons for this defect. When the weld face extends beyond the weld toe, then this defect occurs. If the edge of the weld surface is not cleaned properly then also slag may form.

It is a defect in which several passes are made along a V-joint when joining thick plate using flux cored or flux coated remedids and the slag covering a run is not totally removed every pass before following pass.

There are various methods to find weld defect defecs NDT testing, some are reasonably simple, but others require specialist operators and expensive equipment, such as X-ray testing. Slag inclusion not only reduces cross section area strength of joint but also may serve as initiation point for serious cracking.

The effect of porosity on performance depends on quality, size and orientation to stresses.