7 Jul Barely a Lady. Eileen Dreyer. Buy This Book. Every once in awhile I will pick up a romance that lives up to the critics’ claims of being written to a. 17 May Romantic suspense author Dreyer (Nothing Personal) makes a highly successful venture into the past with this sizzling, dramatic Regency. 6 Jul Barely a Lady by Eileen Dreyer Dear. Ms. Dreyer,. When a friend told me that you had started this historical series, despite the fact that I’m pretty.

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This book was provided for review by Hachette. Neither is it about how much a character can grovel. This includes a series of lies by a villain to set up the h as a victim.

Barely a Lady

He thinks he and Bardly are still married barely a lady eileen dreyer wildly in love. One of the greatest of these is the Earl of Gracechurch, who married and divorced her five years earlier. The heroin, Olivia Grace is a strong willed, hurt soul. Ross Poldark Winston Graham.

In fact, he can remember nothing of the last five years. Olivia definitely wrenched my heartstrings though. The Earl Katharine Ashe. It’s well written and I will definitely keep an eye out barely a lady eileen dreyer another Eileen Dreyer, but wanting to smother the H or, hey, have him get falsely accused then hung or is it hanged for treason, oh the irony, has me rate it at 2 stars.

There were also several characters who spoke with an accent which made it a tough read barely a lady eileen dreyer me. An outcast from society, she has only just been taken in by a duchess who rather delights in shocking that society.

Everything after that had such great potential, but I think this was a case of too many plot devices, themes, whatever going on, too many balls to juggle and not an experienced juggler.


Then there was the whole mystery of badely had Jack been for the last 5 years, only barely a lady eileen dreyer was never really discussed either.

A Man To Die For. Kudos to this book for trying to have a plot. Jun 23, Yaseena rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maybe if there were more parts seen through his eyes, I might have felt more forgiving toward him though I doubt it. I absolutely hated Jack’s reaction when he got his barely a lady eileen dreyer back, but he totally made up for it.

Along with Olivia, you the readereyes are opened to more then just the anger but to be able to forgive and become stronger because of it.

Barely a Lady — All About Romance

There were two villains in the story the Surgeon and the Axman whose purposes confused me. I was ready to forgive him for the divorce, but then he started to remember his affair with Mimi. However, I also believe that for the romantic barely a lady eileen dreyer of a novel to be enthralling, it has to be somewhat believable.

But it was odd for her to shouting out random things. It was not an irredeemable character flaw, but rather, a lack of maturity and therefore, forgivable with the right blend of atonement. Or was that just debut historical novel? He is the man from her past, although he seems more serious, barely a lady eileen dreyer capable and darker.

No matter what the reasons What can I search for? I found this author likes to use inane words, she’s really getting use of her thesaurus, and it was just sort of random and weird to me. Me, if I’d found the bum wounded wearing an enemy uniform it would have taken me about barely a lady eileen dreyer seconds to decide to find the guards and then do a jig as his ass was dragged to prison and hopefully the end of a short rope.


To keep him from being hanged for a traitor, Olivia must pretend she and Jack are still married. In these times, a divorced barely a lady eileen dreyer is shunned from polite society and is converted to being a persona non grata.

He was a barely a lady eileen dreyer. Case in point, they were supposedly happily married, and a few people hint around she’s unfaithful, with her cousin of all things, and he finds her upset and mussed in her cousin’s arms, assumes the worst, calls the cousin out, kills him, banishes her, divorces her he knows she’s pregnant with his child as well and never has a second thought about her.

Another reason I love this story is the secondary characters, not only the other h’s we should be seeing soon, but also the interesting household staff that’s egging the protagonists along. That, coupled with his actions to her when finding her with her cousin, turned me off completely to Jack. One of the worst heroes ever written and a truly unbelievable reconciliation.

I guess that has to be there to make the H dreye himself at least, but I wish there’s another way to do it. But we shouldn’t worry about that because his new ‘love’ was really a spy Considering that said character never even get a chance to say a word and that we hardly know him, I find it quite amazing how attached and touched I was by the whole scene and also by the heartfelt accord I felt at what was said about life in general.

I was initially so excited about this one. May barely a lady eileen dreyer, Rose rated it it was ok Shelves: