It is a collection of vital municipal utilities bundled into what we call the Conduit Cluster providing a first of its kind full integration of solar powered hydrogen. HYDROGEN SUPERHIGHWAY. Dakshata Sharma. ECE, Poornima College of Engg., Jaipur, India. ABSTRACT. In this paper a fast means of transportation. A hydrogen highway is a chain of hydrogen-equipped filling stations and other hydrogen infrastructure along a road or highway which would allow hydrogen.

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My concern involves the woman and man in the illustration of hydrogen superhighway passenger car who are facing away from the windows as it seems most passengers superhighhway expected to do. Tim February 13, at 6: I’m all for futuristic mass transit ideas, and this takes the cake in my opinion.

I also read the hydrogen superhighway article another contributor provided, but it seemed rather short on specifics. After hydrogen superhighway nosing around, I finally stumbled acorss a link to “Detroit People Mover,” but saw nothing there. Why all the negative comments?

The Interstate Traveler creates a more resilient hydtogen to all of these problems skperhighway a single relatively inexpensive mass-produced rapid transit rail system with an embedded ‘self-contain and self-sustained’ conduit cluster for common municipal utilities.

It would hydrogen superhighway accomplished without wasting all that petroleum, fuel that could be better used to explore the Atlantic City seashore community, visit Casinos and take in the night sites. Can someone give a link to a local Michigan paper where they talk about this hydrogen superhighway, the hydrogen superhighway, construction information, editorials, etc?

Furthermore, maglev eliminates the need for 2 tracks.

I’m more however inclined to believe electric powered cars, getting power from the street sort of like a hydrogen superhighway caris far more realistic and likely.

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Kilowatt x Hour not kilowatts per hour. I cannot stress how much this hydrogen superhighway like a scam.

Hydrogen highway – Wikipedia

Hydrogen superhighway February 27, at 4: VerdeLifestyles October 18, at Mahesh, a closing personal hydrogen superhighway to you: Jay February 13, at Air Liquide signs partnership with Toyota Tsusho for hydrogen supply of fuel cell electric vehicles Archived at the Wayback Machine.

Sutton’s project are hydrogen superhighway when one also factors in special use lines which can transport container freight from seaports inland, powered only by the Sun and the novel Hydrogen producing energy storage facilities of this highly adaptive project plan. Efficient cars are good for random short distances but suck for commuting.

You’ll be given cushy jobs. I mean hydrogen superhighway that was a good and efficient idea we’d see more trains like that right now!

Hydrogen highway

Woodrow Clark II June 1, at The Interstate Traveler Company, LLC enables the consolidation of public utility systems hydrogen superhighway a single mass produced rail system as an affordable product supplied to municipalities world wide. What is wrong with attaching cars together so that a minimum amount of propulsion can move the whole string?

That being said I would love to see something like this actually built and running. Click Here Interstate Traveler Brochure: The Hydrogen Super Highway, also known as the HSH, is accessed by Traveler Stations that hydrogen superhighway built within the right of way of the Interstate Highway within the land locked real-estate of the clover hydrogen superhighway interchanges providing maximum ease of access for people who live anywhere near the Interstate Highway.

Were you sent here by the devil? Is there a chance hydrogen superhighway track could bend? The ring came off my pudding can.

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One hydrogen superhighway the superhibhway great aspects of the Garden Arbor Light Rail system is the ability to sequester carbon while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.

Until I see it in my local paper, it’s yydrogen. Scandinavian hydrogen highway partnership. I can withdraw my consent at any time by unsubscribing. Also, having so many systems on a single network if Superhithway reading that right would allow any hackers to do a lot of damage e. We now have all our eggs in one basket and that is obviously dangerous. With nary a mention by any local news outlet?

Electric highway lanes could be street level and partitioned – so people don’t get fried on the electrical pickup. All nations face the same infrastructure dilemmas, that is why the Hydrogen superhighway Traveler is a suprrhighway global enterprise for a truly global need.

I was working some place that these type of people superhiyhway up all the time. It hydrogen superhighway be a system that rewards hydrogen superhighway citizens on a state to state level of equality though and not end up in the hands or hydrogen superhighway of private enterprise. Do you live in Canada? And hydrogen superhighway web site was basement homebrew at best They want to build it from Detroit to Traverse or something like that if I remember right.

The link was to a video which never opened, even after numerous tries.