26 Jun The movie based on Mohan Sikka’s short story Railway Aunty. It narrates the story of Sarika, wife of a highly-placed government officer in Delhi. 6 Nov Mohan won Best Story at the Screen Awards for the film adaption of his story “The Railway Aunty”, remade as dark thriller B.A. Pass by. Mohan Sikka, Brooklyn, NY. likes. Mohan’s story “The Railway Aunty” has been adapted into a movie, entitled “B.A. Pass.” His story “Uncle Musto Takes.

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Failway any case, two railway aunty mohan sikka filmmakers wanted to option the story, so there is clearly something cinematic about it. In your opinion has the city of Delhi slipped into a quagmire of moral depravation?

Imran Khan awaits final poll tally to begin coalition building. Would you say that writing your story was a cathartic experience? There’s railway aunty mohan sikka and then mkhan this As the police point a gun at him he gets yet another call from his sister. Any other kind of redemption will have railway aunty mohan sikka be an affirmation of humanity or human rallway of some kind. What can possibly redeem a society in which money is unquestionably the arbiter of all value?

Retrieved 4 November One day Mukesh is introduced to Sarika Aunty at a get together in his aunt’s neighbourhood. There was one particular aunty, who lived in her neighbourhood and was the actor’s constant point of reference for the movie.


So some things I used from memory and others I made up.

Subsequently, she pimps him as a gigolo, and from thereon, his life takes a downward spiral that could end only one way—in tragedy. Top Stories ‘No bed of roses for Imran Khan government’: Perhaps art allows us to express and release these demons, so raliway we can see all of ourselves more clearly, including our contradictions railway aunty mohan sikka our dark side.

Tamil movie wins best film award in Paris”. So part memory, part imagination.

I took some scattered memories from childhood, grafted a made-up plot over them with reworked and imagined characters, and worked through an idea and climax railway aunty mohan sikka emerged in the writing. The film breaks the illusion that we are safe inside our middle-class bubble.

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Email or Phone Password Forgot railwaay Sarika refuses to stay in touch with him and makes railway aunty mohan sikka that none of her female friends who were Mukesh’s clients, entertain him. Like any good Indian boy, I wondered what my parents would think!

Some coverage in Screen Magazine Page Feeling betrayed by Sarika and holding her responsible for his misery, Mukesh barges into her home and demands money that is due to him. This railway aunty mohan sikka Mukesh’s aunt throw him out of the house.

Mohan is working on a collection of short stories and a novel.

This is the darker side of Delhi, which you can read about in the crime section of the newspapers, but whose human dimension leaves much to be explored.

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Upon release, the movie received universal railway aunty mohan sikka acclaim.

Interview with Mohan Sikka

I resonate with compliments like: Delhi appears like a dystopian dream on screen. We see that this contemporary city is mired by contradictions, crime, sex and in some quarters railway aunty mohan sikka moral bankruptcy.

Not really, for his very death, in its rejection of such a world, is an affirmation of all that is denied in that world. EngvarB from January Use dmy dates from January Sarika’s husband, Ashok arrives and to prove her innocence Sarika makes an unsuspecting Mukesh stab her lightly to make it look like he attacked her.

Sarika says she gave the money to Johnny but Mukesh refuses to believe her. The story begins with the death of the parents of Mukesh, a teenager who has just graduated from senior high school.

Screen, 31 Jan – 6 Feb, So Railway aunty mohan sikka has two choices: But when I wore my outfit and got ready to do my first scene, which is in fact the first seduction scene in the film, I felt I had added railway aunty mohan sikka new dimension to my acting ability.