The Courage to Stand Alone. Conversations with U.G. Krishnamurti. Amsterdam, September Transcribed and edited by Ellen Chrystal from the original. COURAGE TO STAND ALONE: Conversations with the Man Called U.G.. Transcribed and edited by: Ellen Chrystal from the original audio tapes produced by. The Courage to Stand Alone. Conversations with U.G. Krishnamurti. Amsterdam, September | PART I | PART II | PART III |.

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If the light is not there you have no way of looking at anything.

The hunger has to burn the courage to stand alone ug krishnamurti up — literally it has to burn itself out. So you are going to understand tomorrow, not today. It’s not ultimate reality that one is really interested in, not the teachings of the gurus, not the teachings of the holy men, not the courage to stand alone ug krishnamurti umpteen number of techniques you have, which will give you the energy which you are seeking.

You see, you have to separate the two things, because we are living in a different world today. So you can plan ahead for every possible situation and be prepared to meet every kind of situation in your life, but actually when there is a physical danger, all your planning and all that you have thought about to be prepared to meet every kind of danger and every kind of situation is just not there.

The only thing that you can do is to set in motion this movement of thought in the direction of achieving that.


Krishnamkrti will never ask for the end of you as you know yourself, as you experience yourself. When thought is not there all the time, what is there is living from moment to moment. So, it is absorbing the whole thing, and you don’t have to do a thing.

Courage to Stand Alone, Pt.I

The spiritual and psychological problems you think you have are really living problems. The instrument which we are using [thought] is a dead instrument and cannot be used to understand anything living. All that is bullshit anyway. It will always be replaced by another illusion. Not why do you think. There still are things, like walls and people around you.


The Courage to Stand Alone

In exactly the same way, when you want to know something about thought, or experience thought, it is the same process that is in operation there. The chances of flipping are really good if you push yourself into a corner.

You are nothing but the answers. We all have been through that. It is arbitrary in the final analysis.

My teaching, if that is the word you want to use, has no copyright. Sound, the olfactory nerves, smell, and the sense of touch, the operation of any one of these sensations necessarily creates the subject.

Ebook The Courage To Stand Alone U. G. Krishnamurti

It’s an automatic hhe. And out of those definitions, if you are very intelligent and clever enough, you create your own definitions. Krisnnamurti, what value has this knowledge for you?


I use the word self-perpetuating mechanism, but I don’t mean that there is a self or an entity. The body knows that it is immortal. All those messiahs have created nothing but a mess in this the courage to stand alone ug krishnamurti. You are applying the same technique to realize whatever you are interested in [spiritual goals], and so it [your mind] puts it out there as a tje in the future.

I repeat this same point day after day, day after day. That is probably what the traditions meant by rebirth — death and birth and death and birth.

If you question that, it means you have not accepted the courage to stand alone ug krishnamurti. Their teachings have created nothing but a mess in this world, progressively moving in the direction of destroying not only man, but every species [of living beings] on this planet today.

What creates the subject is the object. So, the question and answer format, if we indulge in it for long, becomes a meaningless ritual. And I have to repeat this again and come to it from ten different angles, depending upon the nature of the questions which you throw at me. If the suppleness of the body is the goal you have before you, probably the techniques of yoga will help you to keep the body supple.